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However expensive a smartphone is, it may lag and work slow. If you are using an Android smartphone and have been bothered by the same problem, here are some tricks that can level up the speed of your Android and make it run faster. If your smartphone is not working up to your expectations, these tricks below will surely fix lag on your Android smartphone.

Pay attention to software update

These days, Android devices often ask for software updates. The installation of the latest system software is good as it adds extra functionality to your smartphone and enables it to support the latest versions of apps. If your Android is not working up to your expectations, you should update your device’s software. If your Android has the old versions of apps, you can update them by installing the latest versions on Google Play Store.

Uninstall and Update Apps

On your device, there may be some apps that may take up large space. If you don’t use them, it is right for you to uninstall them. The old versions of all apps should be updated. Many apps on your device run in the background even if you don’t use them. These apps consume your internet data and cause your device to work slow. You can disable these apps by going to Settings.

Clear cached app data

Whenever you use any apps on your smartphone, the apps leave residues behind. These residues are technically known as “Cache files”. These are temporary files that take up large space on your device and affect the performance of your device. If you want to clear cache files on your device, you can visit Google Play Store and download a cache cleaner app. Once cache files on your device are cleared, your phone will work okay.

Turn off auto-sync

Some Android users often allow their various accounts to automatically sync. This process works in the background and keeps your Android busy, so much so that the process consumes internet data. This affects the overall performance of your device as apps keep running in the background. If you want your device to run faster, it may be right to remove multiple accounts.

Perform a factory reset

If you do a factory reset, your device gets cleaned. All of your contacts and apps no longer stay on your device. The process can give your phone the same speed as it had when it was first bought. A factory reset is a good option that makes your smartphone work faster. You can do a factory reset by going to Settings.

Keep tabs closed

If you use a browser and leave tabs running in the background, this may be the reason for the poor performance of your device. It is important to delete all the irrelevant tabs that are of no importance to you.

All these tricks mentioned above are helpful and may work like a charm for your Android. If your Android is not performing up to your expectations, these tricks will surely fix lags and make it run faster.

Source :- https://myblog-search.uk.com/tricks-to-make-your-android-run-faster/


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