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Trim Clips Applications and uses

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Trim is designed for use over trim strips & access plates to attach components, trim& panels together. They are lightweight & are perfect for applications where removability is a factor. Whether spring steels or plastic, trim clips eliminate the need for welding & many other costly fastening assemblies.Depending on the design, most of the trim clips can be used to clamp or hinge all the panels together, provide a removable spring catch, apply subtle spring tension on fragile materials, or protect light components within cavities. Trim clips are simply snapped in a specific hole or on the substrate making installation & removal easy. The retaining legs are equalizing as they squeeze for easy mounting. They assure a snug, and rattle-free installation yet will yield to thoughtful removal force applied to the trim or plate.The U-shape on slide-on style trim clips makes for an easier slide-on application. They provide a very strong clamping action for the firm, vibration-free assemblies, and are self-sufficient demanding no holes, screws, rivets, or other secondary fastening devices.

Benefits of Trim clips

  • All the parts are hidden
  • It has unblemished exposed panel surfaces
  • It is removable and reusable
  • It is easy to install and no tools are required
  • It is easy to disassemble

Standard trim clips are most extensively used in industrial assemblies. They can also be used to allow panels to withstand disassembly with very light to moderate loads.High strength trim clips are used in parallel panel orientations as standard panel clips but are also used when the panels are subjected to strong or cyclical loading.Single-sided trim clips are used in tandem with single-sided panel clips to engage & the edge of a cavity.Dart-style clips are ideal for lightweight applications and are perfect for simple assembly or for products that are shipped for consumer assembly. Plastic push-pins &ratchet-style fir tree clips are vibration & also corrosion-proof.



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