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Triprayar Sree Rama Swami Temple in Thrissur

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Triprayar is the Powerspot of Lord Sri Rama that a local ruler installed. A fisherman found Lord Rama's idol immersed in the sea near the Chettuva region and Vakkayil Kaimal, Kerala.

As per the legend, it is said that Lord Rama was once worshipped in Dwaraka by Lord Krishna. When Krishna left his body and went back to his Dham, this idol of Lord Rama was immersed in the sea. Then a local fisherman found it and installed it in the temple, now known as Triprayar Rama Swami Temple, located in Thrissur.

The Significance Of Rama's Idol In The Temple


The idol that resides in Triprayar has its significance, for which it has become a reason to attract thousands of devotees every year. It is said that the idol represents the aspects of all three Lords or the Trinity. 


The deity seems like the Chaturbhuja avatar of Lord Vishnu holding Sudarshana Chakra, Panchajanya, Kodanda, and a garland. The idol possesses some features of Lord Shiva as well. Lord Rama got the aspects of both Lord Shiva and Vishnu when once he killed the Asura Khara. For this, he was also known as Khara Samhara.


Since this idol of Rama also holds a garland in one hand, it signifies Lord Brahma as well.


Sub Deities In The Temple




Hanuman resides in the temple, being a staunch devotee and the most loved to Lord Rama. However, there is no separate idol to represent Hanuman. People believe that the Lord resides in the Namaskara Mandapam of the temple. Hence everyone who visits the temple bows down the Mandapam paying respect to Lord Hanuman. After that, devotees visit the idol of Lord Rama; people offer dried paddy or avil as an offering here.




Here Dakshinamoorthy resides in the form of Shiva Linga. The Linga remains adorned with a crescent moon and garlands of Rudraksha. It resides in the Garbhagraha of Lord Rama.




Here in the temple, two idols are there that represent lord Ganesha. One of them resides in the Garbhagriha that faces South, and another one resides in the Nalambalam in the South West corner.




Ayyappa, the son of Mohini (Lord Vishnu) and Shiva, is Ayyappa, who is the warrior and champion of weapons and martial arts. He is a famous deity in South India, and his shrine is believed to be even older than Lord Rama's. 


Gosala Krishnan


There is a deity of Lord Krishna built on the north side of the courtyard. The shrine faces East and is known as Gosala Krishna Powerspot.


Triprayar Rama Swami Temple's Architecture


The wood carvings are the main attraction that infuses the temple. The Sanctum sanctorum of the sreekovil with the pointed roof has adornment of copper; the Thazhikakkudam has a work of golden hue.


If devotees look at the circular sanctum of the temple, there are various scenes of Ramayana written over it. In addition, there is an excellent work of fresco that adorns the temple walls further. Here the Namaskara Mandaps contains 24 carved wood which signifies the Navagrahas.




Meen Oottu


Meen Oottu is the offering of fishes that people here offer to the Lord. There are many fishes in the water that flow at the temple. People believe that these fishes are dear to the Lord, and hence they offer them to the Lord.


It is also believed that those who offer Meen Oottu to the Lord get relief in their Asthma issues.


Devotees offer many other things, like Kathina Vedi Vazhipadu, Chathan Bhandaram, Chakyar Koothu, Chandanam Charthu, and more.


Different poojas and timings


The pooja takes place two times.


3 AM- 12 PM

4.30 PM- 8.30 PM


The temple conducts five poojas, as conducted in almost every temple in Kerala. These poojas are named Usha pooja, Ucha pooja, Panthiradi pooja, Ethirtha pooja, and Athazha pooja. The procession of Lord Rama happens three times within the temple. Athazha Pooja and Nirmalya Darshan are two prime things that devotees consider sacred.


Accommodation Near Temple


Those who want to visit the temple and look for accommodation can use the shelter “Triprayar Devaswom Satram.” They charge you only 200-300 rupees per day.


Devotees can contact for the bookings here:

Contact No. 0487-2391375


Interesting History About The Temple


Tipu Sultan attacked and destroyed many temples in India, and Triprayar was not an exception. Tipu wanted to check the deity's power and hence attacked one hand of the idol. The moment he hit the hand, blood started coming out. This made Tipu develop faith in God, and he realized his mistake. To make up for his mistake, Tipu Sultan offers a piece of land to develop the temple.




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