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Canon printer is popularly known for establishing its quality products across the world. Besides its renowned goodwill on a global level, users have received a high-tech printing experience. Struggling with error codes is a possibility, which comes with machines even if it is built with high-end features. It is something that you have to deal with when working for excessive hours or years on a printer. These error codes hold the highest rate of issues involving internal or external errors.

However, in either of the cases, you need to work with an effective solution that can resolve the error code within minutes. And mostly, you will be able to deal with error codes emerging in your printer all by yourself. But of course, users will need proper guidance to resolve the issue. So, here we are at the rescue, and all you need to do is read the instructions below. Also, you must check the causes behind the error code properly, which is beneficial to identify the culprit.

What does the Canon Printer error code U163 symbolize?

The error code can be discovered on the LCD panel of the printer. The error code usually occurs when your printer detects a problem in the ink tanks. The error code simply indicates that the ink level has gone low or it is empty. And notification can be coming from the first cartridge or the second one built inside the printer. When you are printing a document, and you notice that the paper has exited without having any printed content on it, then the issue is probably empty ink cartridges.

However, you will not encounter this error code until the black, or the color cartridge has been replaced or removed from the cartridge carrier. Also, even after the ink tanks have been refilled with manufactured inks and reinstalled back into their slots, you will struggle with the error code U163.

It means that the ink cartridges that have been replaced inside the printer were already out of the ink, and the printer failed to detect it. Usually, there are several causes, which lead your printer to the particular error code. So, you need various solutions to make it work and make the error code disappear from your printer. But, before we march over to the solutions given below, we must find out what are the reasons. It will help you resolve the issue easily and quickly.

How can you rectify the error code U163 with a simple and effective method?

Due to the error code, you will face a lot of interruptions in your printing jobs. And you will receive results with blank paper along with the disruptive order of the working schedule. To ease this situation for you, the first call that comes to your mind may be to hire a tech expert. But, the point is you do not know how much cost you will have to bear and may end up paying a fortune, which is probably not your choice. So, to avoid spending loads of money and to eliminate the error code from your printer. You have to try a few of the methods all by yourself. Here we have gathered solutions understandably and easily. Follow the instructions accordingly.


In the first step, you are required to reinstall the refilled ink cartridges into their slots while your printer is on. Then you have to cover the top hat, which is combined with the scanning unit cover.

In the next step, you have to let your printer sit for a certain time. And you have to wait until the error code appears on the LCD screen display. And if no error code appears on the LCD screen while you wait, then you should test the printer. It means you have to try to print a test document to examine if the error code displays while printing or not.

And If you still do not see any error code appearing, then everything is well and good. Now you are good to resume your printing jobs as much as you want.

But if you see the error code popping up again, you have to press and hold the reset/ stop button designed on the printer. Keep in mind that you should not release the reset/ stop button until you see the printer is restarting itself automatically.

Now when you see that the printer has started restarting itself successfully, then you can let go of the buttons immediately. Hence, your error code U163 has been removed effectively and easily.

The step-by-step instructions given above are effective and will help you fix the error code immediately. But if you see that the error code is persisting, you need to contact Canon technical support. The brand deals with different models regularly, so they will make the best technicians available to help you.

Visit: ij.start.canon

Source: https://ij-start-canon.directoryband.com/troubleshooting-canon-printer-error-code-u163-with-an-effective-method/


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