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Small and medium-sized businesses widely prefer QuickBooks applications for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. It provides its services through Desktop-based applications or through the Online portal. The application and web portal process the tasks through commands, as provided by an extensive array of codes. If any issue occurs in interpreting these codes, then QuickBooks would fail to understand the command. The process would suffer and may get you QuickBooks Script error. In this article, we will discuss the reasons that can cause the error and the troubleshooting techniques that can be applied to get rid of it.

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What is the Intuit QB Script Error message?

Devices use machine languages to convey and transmit commands. Our commands to the machine are translated to machine language through the scripts written in programming languages such as Python, Java, etc. Intuit QB Script error message may appear in the QuickBooks application fails to comprehend the script when we issue a command. It may occur due to an interruption in any communication channel. The error appears with an error message and specifies the location where it failed to understand the script. The error message doesn’t specify any causes. While the error seldom causes any data damage but creates performance issues and thus should be resolved soon.

Why does Script error message popup in the QuickBooks

Let us look at the various reasons that can cause QuickBooks Online script error. They have been listed out for you:

  1. When the script processing function is disabled, the error is obvious.
  2. A virus or malware interfering with the program can damage the program resulting in the error.
  3. Damage with the Script plugin or software.
  4. QuickBooks failing to locate the Active X component can also prompt the QuickBooks Script error.
  5. You can get the issue if your operating system is outdated or is damaged.

Now that we know the reasons that can cause the error, it should be easier for us to resolve it. Keep reading the article to know the methods and follow them to get rid of the error.

How can you resolve the QuickBooks script error startup?

Different methods to resolve the error has been listed out for you. You can follow the method based on the most suitable cause of the QuickBooks script error startup.

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Method 1: Clearing browser history of Internet Explorer

Clear all the cache, cookies, and browser history if you encounter a QuickBooks script error. Crammed up cache memory can affect the browser’s ability to perform the task. Follow the steps as mentioned below in your Internet Explorer:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser and go to the ‘Tools’ icon.
  2. Choose ‘Internet Options’ from the menu.
  3. Go to the ‘General’ tab and select the ‘Delete’ button.
  4. Select all the options of ‘Cookies’, ‘Caches’ and the ‘Temporary Internet Files.’
  5. Press the ‘Apply’ button and then click on ‘Ok’ to confirm it.

Method 2: Disabling script debugging from the browser

Script debugging can restrict the browser from performing commands and should be disabled to fix the issue. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu in the Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Go to the ‘Internet Option’ tab and then the ‘Advanced’ option.
  3. The option saying ‘Disable Script debugging Internet Explorer’ and ‘Disable script debugging other’ options should be marked.
  4. Press ‘Apply’ and then click on the ‘Ok’ button to complete the process.

In this article, we talked about the reasons due to which QuickBooks script error can occur and the possible troubleshooting methods for it. You can easily fix the error through the processes explained above. If you struggle to resolve the error manually, then you can call us at our (855)-526-5749 and talk to one of our QuickBooks experts for resolution.



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