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Disposable hearing aids have been around for a while,TrueHearing System Review but they were not something that a lot of hearing impaired people would ever have imagined using. The quality was horrible and they were a complete waste of money. Those days are long gone because the products that are put out today are far superior and cost much less than the so called permanent hearing aids.

The one driving factor behind using disposable hearing aids is the cost. While it may cost you well over $4,000 for a set of digital hearing aids, you can get about 20 sets of disposable ones for the same price. With a standard warranty of only about 3 years on the more expensive ones, the price is not even close.

When you look back at the last few years and see the difference that has evolved between the digital and analog hearing aid, it is quite amazing. Digital hearing aids were the cause of many people running from stores holding their wallets in hand, but those days are long over as the price of the digital hearing aid has gone down while the quality has gone up.



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