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If you have big fitness goals, nutrition is super important, and skipping a meal is rarely a good choice. Fueling your body with high-quality foods will help you bust through your workout. The key is to time your meals, so you aren’t weighed down by the time you get to the gym while still having a little jolt of energy to help fuel a successful workout. Providing your body with what it needs is essential to sustain yourself—that’s why it’s called sustenance. So, before you head to your favorite gym to work out, prepare a meal that caters to your activity of choice.

Pack in Carbohydrates Before a Cardio Workout

When you’re a cardio enthusiast, low-carb foods are usually not your primary energy source. Carbohydrates fit that role. They’re a fast-burning source of energy for your body. If you eat about 2 hours before a cardio workout, opt for a high-carb meal like a pasta salad or veggie sandwich. If you snack 30 minutes to an hour before your workout, enjoy something lighter like a granola bar or pita chips and hummus. Just make sure your meals and snacks aren’t loaded with sugar so you don’t crash midway through the session.

Enjoy Protein and Whole Grains Prior to Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, protein is a big deal. Inside your body, all the protein you consume is broken down and redistributed as it’s absorbed. As long as you have a high-quality protein source balanced with complex carbohydrates, you’ll be giving your body what it needs for weightlifting and strength training. A few hours before hitting one of the best gyms in Modesto, serve yourself 4 ounces of lean protein like salmon or chicken alongside half of a cup of grains like farro. If you’re a breakfast person, just add a scoop of protein powder to a bowl of oatmeal. Otherwise, whip up a protein shake with milk, peanut butter, spinach, and frozen fruit.

Sneak in Some Healthy Fats to Fuel a Yoga Session

Healthy fats are great for sustained energy. They’re perfect for meals and snacks before yoga and Pilates workouts. However, yoga’s twists, bends, and inversions aren’t comfortable when you have a full stomach. Plan to eat a meal with healthy fats well before your workout—2 to 3 hours—like an almond butter sandwich, a cheese and veggie plate, or scrambled eggs and avocado. If you miss that mark, don’t starve yourself. Go ahead and have a snack like peanut butter and cinnamon on top of a banana or some full-fat Greek yogurt, or even just a handful of nuts before heading out for the workout.

Eating before a workout ensures you maintain a steady level of energy. If you need a quick source of energy before a workout, make a smoothie that meets your nutritional needs. While pre-workout works well in a pinch, you want to make sure the ingredients going into your body are good for your workout goals. Optimal nutrients from real foods is best. That way, you can return to one of your favorite gyms in Brentwood the next day for another great workout.

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