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If you’re a big fan of board games, the month of October is going to be an absolute delight for you. Yes, you’ve heard it right! You must be familiar with the tabletop board game Tsuro, released for Oculus Rift in 2019 by Thunderbox Entertainment. Well, get ready to experience the zen on Quest in October 2020.

The Oculus Quest is a pair of goggles that is worn by the player that takes you to the virtual reality of a 3D environment. You control the game with a set of controllers that enables you to communicate with the game.

The developer has announced the arrival of the Tsuro video game version by next month. Tsuro: The Game of the Path is both, a solo or a multiplayer game that can be played by up to eight people. The mechanism of the gameplay is straightforward and requires you to place tiles on a board and keep surviving as long as possible. As the figure of the tiles increase, so do your survival chances and by following the path of another player. It can lead to the completion of a circle and winning the game. Interestingly, the video game version will enable the player to select the three tiles they want to put forward and place on the board.

The traditional Tsuro board game consists of a board with grids. Before you start playing, each player has to select a colored playing piece to indicate themselves and place them at the edge. Also, each player is a holder of three tiles, and after each turn, they draw a card. Each player tries to defeat another by attempting to place the tile that connects the playing line of the opponent. If that happens, the opponent must start from the beginning. In case two pieces of the opponent’s end on the same path, the playing piece will go off-board.

The virtual reality game revolves around a virtual environment set in a Japanese garden, which is surrounded by the nature and sound of the animals. Not only this, but you can wander around while other players are trying their luck with the game. The game will take you to a virtual vacation relaxing your mind and offering a peaceful retreat.

If you’re trying to figure out the strategy to remain last on the game, make sure that your counter is the last on the board, which is not a cup of tea. There are multiple paths to follow, and surviving till the last is the aim to win.

As said before, October is going to be a big month for Oculus Quest as it’ll be introducing the new video game priced at USD 9.99, which is going to be worth the investment. Tsuro has already gathered an enormous appreciation from the audience and thrilled its players on Oculus Go and Rift. However, the game will reach another level of virtual reality than ever before with the Oculus. According to the reports, Thunderbox Entertainment revealed that their small team of developers aims to pick the best of tabletop games and transform them into VR and mobile games. They also look forward to offering you great user experience, and the best of virtual reality games such as the digital version of the ‘The Captain is Dead,’ which is yet to get a release date. If you want to take a glance at what the Oculus Quest game has got to offer, you can watch the trailer that is available on YouTube.

SOURCE:- Tsuro: The Game of the Path Releasing on Oculus Quest in October


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