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I didn't see the gorgeous nakedness. Picture of a man sleeping soundly Does it look like Deidara is really exhausted? After the bird incident in the morning, when he returned to the house, he just unbuttoned the fire cloud robe, and fell asleep on the bed without even taking off his clothes. His narrow waist and lean body could be seen in the slightly unbuttoned position of his clothes. But just now she opened and closed the door and made a loud noise, but he hadn't been woken up yet. This guy can really sleep. After thinking about it, Limo turned and put the dying bird in the courtyard, then slowly returned to her room, stood on the edge of the bed, looked at Deidara's innocent and quiet appearance when he was sleeping soundly, and sighed deeply when she wanted to force him to wake up and order him to eat. Li Mo bent down to take the quilt that had been pushed aside roughly by someone unconsciously and covered him. It's autumn. If you sleep without a quilt, you will still catch cold, right? “That guy is in good health and won't get sick so easily.” Just as Li Mo carefully helped Deidara tidy up the bedding, a faint voice came from behind her, and when she looked back, she saw the scorpion reclining at the door with her arms in her arms. I still don't want to take the risk. Li Moshi sat lazily on the edge of the bed after finishing her movements and looked at Scorpion. “If he really catches a cold, my workload will increase.” “Is that not good?” The scorpion gave a seemingly emotionless smile. “You're bored here anyway. Isn't it good to have something to do?” Even if you want to find something to do. You don't need to build your own happiness on the pain of others, do you? Li Mo said helplessly. Scorpion no longer words,thermal imaging camera, just fixed to look at Li Mo, as if to see what she was thinking in the end, was such a look at, Li Mo suddenly felt very interesting, “Mr. Scorpion, in fact.” You look like a friend of mine from the past. “……” Scorpion's expression appeared a moment of consternation,digital signage kiosk, “friend?” “Yes,” Li Mo smiled, “but his character is much more lovely than you, both like clingy, and gentle, sometimes. There will be a little cowardice, in short, a guy who is used to relying on me. “What a nasty character.” The scorpion curled his lips discontentedly, but walked into the room of the mill and sat slowly on the small chair opposite her. Do you hate it? Li Mo smiled bitterly. “But even if I hate him, I won't be able to see him again.” “Is the man dead?” “No..” But it's no different from being dead. Limo thought for a moment and then said with a straight face, “To be exact, I should be the one who died. For him, digital signage screen ,smart whiteboard price, I'm probably dead.” Scorpion naturally could not understand Li Mo's words, and he was not interested in the existence of Zhi Kui at all. In fact, until now, his feelings about the girl were still stuck in the point that “she is the guy Deidara likes, and without her, Deidara would be very noisy and annoying.” However, what the girl said just now, although incomprehensible, was undoubtedly very interesting. What you said gave me a strange feeling. This is what the scorpion said after a moment of silence. Strange “Mmm.” Scorpion nodded, then said slowly: “It gives me the feeling, like …” Your present existence is just a kind of rebirth, saying goodbye to the past time, leaving the friends you cherished in the past, and then starting a new life. This feeling, I think I can understand. The one who chose not to continue human life. Stunned by Scorpion's remarks for a long time, Li Mo smiled on her face, “You're right!” She nodded. “We're all monsters.” In fact, this feeling of finding the same kind has made Limo feel sincerely happy since she came into contact with the members of the Dawn Organization. At this time, she just took the opportunity to show her joy. But the scorpion is deeply embarrassed-they are all monsters. Is it worth being so happy? Missing “If you two are monsters.” I am a madman, living with two monsters. What is not a madman? While Limo and Scorpion were “talking happily”, the guy who had been sleeping all the time had already woken up. Deidara rubbed his eyes and looked at the two guys sitting beside the bed and across the bed with some dissatisfaction. “I said, how could you two be here?” “I've already bought the wine, so I came to ask when you're going to examine the bird.” Said Limo, pulling out the money bag from her bag and shoving it into Deidara's hand. Deidara gave a big yawn, still lying lazily on the bed, but pushed the money bag back. “Forget it, you can't live here without a penny, can you?”? I don't have much use for the money, and you don't have to pay it back. “Are you all rich?” Li Mo black line, “just now Itachi also wanted to give me his money bag.” “What!!” On hearing Itachi's name, Deidara sat up suddenly and stared at Limo. “You give his things back!” “Don't get excited.” I haven't finished yet = _ =. Not understanding why Deidara was suddenly so excited, Limo patted him on the shoulder and said slowly, “I've returned his money, and I don't want your money either. I've asked Itachi to help me negotiate with the boss of your organization. Within three days I'll know if I can find a job to make money.” “Well, why don't you come and ask me?” Deidara's face was calm, but he was still not very happy. “It's a shame that we are on our side. Why do we have to beg others for everything?” “Someone else?” Suddenly, she felt that Deidara was really like a child. She didn't know how to hide her feelings at all. She couldn't help laughing, but she still tried to keep calm. She said slowly,face recognition identification kiosk, “Itachi is Sasuke's brother. Sasuke is my man. No matter what, he's not someone else, is he?”? It's you. 。 hsdtouch.com


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