Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy 24 hours

What do you know about the cancelation policy of Turkish Airlines within 24 hours?

The passengers of the Turkish Airlines can enjoy their travel lavishly as they get the best amenities during their flight. The passengers can also edit the booking made, and they can cancel the ticket if needed. Sometimes you face the situations when you need to cancel the flight because of the sudden change of the plans.

So, you can call on the Turkish airline reservations number to get the best assistance from the executives. The customer care executives will be able to help you out with the cancellation. But, you should first know the cancelation policy of Turkish airlines that will make you aware of all the rules and guidelines of the cancelation in this airline. Let us see the cancelation policy of Turkish Airlines.

Turkish airlines cancelation policy:

  • The passengers would not have to pay the cancelation fees if they canceled the ticket after 24 hours when the original booking was made.
  • The fee of the cancelation will be dependent on the class and the route of the passengers with considering time. The deduction of the ticket will be dependent on the type of ticket that will be purchased.
  • If the passengers have purchased the refundable ticket, then they will get the amount after deducting the cancelation fee from the original tickets fare.
  • However, after the risk-free period, the passengers will not get the refund of the ticket if it will be non-refundable.

 These are the points that you can go through for the cancelation policy of Turkish airlines.


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