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We often come across screens that we wish to revisit over and over again. There are some online screens that you can access repeatedly however some offline content is not always accessible. You can capture screenshots or record the screen for repeated access. There are utilities that restrict the Windows inbuilt screen capture utility. Here comes the need for a third-party screen capture tool.

Windows inbuilt Snipping Tool is one of the easiest ways to screen capture on Windows. It has limited features that hardly allow us to edit our screen captures. The all-new TweakShot screen capture tool allows you to capture and edit screenshots with ease. Here is a detailed comparison and top reasons why you should switch over to the TweakShot Screen Capture utility.

TweakShot Screen Capture


TweakShot Screen Capture is best in class screen capture tool for Windows with an inbuilt video recorder. You can quickly capture your screen, edit captured images, and save/share them as needed. It allows you to capture the screenshot of an active window, full page screenshot, free selection, capture scrolling screenshots, or screen record videos. You can also customize the tool according to your needs and edit captured screenshots within the tool.



  • Record onscreen activities with mouse clicks
  • Rich image editing tools to create customized images
  • Take a full-page screenshot of your browser or the app on the screen
  • Screen capture on Windows of the active screen from multiple windows
  • Best screen capture tool for students, teachers, trainers, and business professionals
  • Drag and select a rectangular area to capture the selected portion
  • Enhance image briefing by adding annotations to your image
  • Pick a color from the image to edit or add designer effects
  • Capture scrolling screenshots of the entire web page


  • The trial version has limitations
  • Only compatible with all the latest versions of Windows

Tech Requirements:


Memory – Minimum 4GB RAM or higher

Processor – Minimum Intel Core i3 processor or above

Hardware Compatibility – Compatible with Windows-based PC with mouse or laptops

OS Compatibility – Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Hard Drive Space – 2 GB space required, Use SSD for better performance

Display Size – 1280 x 768 resolution or better

Windows Snipping Tool


Windows Snipping Tool was originally released with the launch of Windows 7 and since then it is an inbuilt utility with all the latest versions of Windows. You must find the (Prt Sc) Print Screen key on all the Windows keyboards. This is the default shortcut to taking a screenshot on Windows. There are other ways like (Win + Shift + S) to take rectangular screenshots on Windows. You can access Windows settings and customize the screenshot according to your preferences.

Windows Snipping Tool gives you the basic options to customize your screenshot. You can highlight, erase, crop, or use a ruler to make basic changes. It allows you to save, copy, or share screenshots in email or on nearby devices. Windows Snipping Tool can be blocked by various online conferencing tools like Skype or Zoom. If you try to take screenshots, it may not function as described or may notify all the participants on the call.


  • Window Snip – Select the active window to capture a screenshot
  • Full-screen Snip – Press the Prt Sc button to capture the entire screen
  • Free-form Snip – You can draw a free-form shape around the captured object
  • Rectangular Snip – Drag the cursor to capture a rectangular snip around an object
  • Press hotkeys like Prt Sc or Win + Shift + S to capture a screenshot
  • Windows inbuilt utility can be accessed from the Start menu


Explore more about the Windows Snipping Tool and how to use it!


  • Limited features and functions to edit a snip

5 Reasons You Need to Switch

Just taking a screenshot or capturing a screenshot with various options is altogether a different game.

  1.   You can only capture a screenshot with Windows Snipping Tool while the TweakShot Screen Capture gives you ample options to tailor made your screenshots.
  2.   TweakShot Screen Capture gives you multiple screen capture modes for your different needs.
  3.   Third-party tools are hardly blocked by Zoom, Skype or other video conference apps.
  4.   Record unlimited videos, webinars, live sessions, or meetings without any additional permissions.
  5.   Customize your screen capture with the best screen capture software for Windows. Capture scrolling screenshots to cover the entire page in one image.

Summing Up


Screen capture on Windows is the most common activity that we do on a random basis. The inbuilt Windows Snipping Tool may help you just to take screenshots however it doesn’t allow you to capture scrolling screenshots or record screen activity. You will need to make use of the best screen capture software for Windows to quickly take screenshots or record screen activity. Customize or edit screenshots with the best-in-class screen capture tool for Windows.




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