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Whether you have purchased a new laptop or have reinstalled Windows, there are some essential applications you should install into Windows 10. These applications will make sure that your system runs smoothly and you have proper security for your device.

In this article, we will discuss top essential programs you need to install on your system:


In today’s digital era, malware and viruses can easily hack your system. Windows 10 comes with an in-built Window Defender tool which can give you a basic level of protection. But to protect yourself from powerful ransomware, spyware, and viruses, you need to install an efficient anti-virus software into your system.

Password Manager

In today’s digital age, online security is the utmost priority for any system. Setting an appropriate password is a tedious task, sometimes it’s too weak, and we often forget the long and strong passwords. You can keep your passwords handy with a password manager. It keeps your passwords in an encrypted format and helps you in generating appropriate passwords. You can also access your saved passwords on different devices.

File Converter

Each file has a different format, and your device saves a vast number of data in various formats. Every format needs a particular type of program to open it. To open those different types of formats, you need a file converter.

Download Manager

New web browsers come with an in-built download manager which enables you to access your downloads quickly. But if you are a heavy downloader, then you need an efficient download manager to manage your downloads. Download manager ensures that your download is complete even if there was any interruption in between. Some advanced download managers help you in managing your file better by creating, deleting, starting, or pausing your downloads from other devices. Sometimes, we download wrong files from the internet, but the download manager lets your preview the file as soon as it starts downloading. If it’s the wrong file, then you can cancel it immediately.

Media Player

A media player helps you in managing your multimedia collection. With media player, you can play music, rip CD tracks into MP3, burn CDs, access Internet radio, online stream music, and download music content from the internet.

Photo and Video Editor

Photo and video editor can be used to make alterations in your photo or video. Basic editing can be done in Microsoft Paint, but if you want to do some advanced editing, then you can download professional photo and video editing software.

Office Suite

The Office Suite is an essential application to download if you are a professional. Office suite helps you with everyday productivity tasks such as making presentations, managing spreadsheets, managing databases, email management, calendar management, and much more.


We often use public WI-FI networks without thinking about the potential danger it holds when it comes to your privacy. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that creates a secure connection between you and another network. It makes your device hack-proof from another network. Some browsers have an in-built VPN like Opera Browser. But if you are using any other browser, make sure you have a VPN application in your system.

To-Do List

A To-Do list helps you in staying organized and productive. Organizing your tasks can make your day more manageable, and you can easily differentiate your work priority-wise. It gives you a sense of progress and keeps you mentally focussed.

File Compressor

File compressor enables you to store and back-up your data faster. Large files can become corrupt if they are shared without compressing their size.

Your Phone

Your Phone application by Microsoft is an excellent alternative to your phone. It can send photos, notifications, text messages, and you can receive calls on your PC. It improves your productivity and removes distractions caused by picking up the phone and answering calls in between your work.

Messaging Application

Microsoft’s messaging application is an instant messaging app that can sync the conversations on PC and your mobile. This application can be handy if you are not in reach of your phone. You can easily send text messages and share photos through this Messaging app. You can also send messages from Android devices to the Windows desktop.


Microsoft offers a lot of in-built applications for Windows 10, but some third-party apps can enhance your Windows 10 experience. The application mentioned above takes care of the essential requirement of Windows 10 and improves the overall functionality.

Source :- https://my-blogsearch.com/twelve-essential-applications-for-windows-10/


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