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Anyone who is a jewelry enthusiast knows that various types of jewelry exist. Here, by type of jewelry items, we refer to some categories that are based on designs and usage of jewelry items. However, these categories differ from place to place. But there are two well-known types that women have been preferring from old times. One is fashion jewelry, and another one is costume jewelry necklace. Both the categories have their traits. As a result, women love to own them both. If you are interested to know more about these types of jewelry, then go ahead:

Fashion Jewelry:

Fashion jewelry can be understood by its name easily. Fashion refers to trends, peaks, latest introductions, and so on. Fashion jewelry goes on and on with fashion trends. So, one can observe many changes in just a short span of time. Moreover, fashion jewelry items are used for temporary purposes. People coordinate their pieces of jewelry with their outfits and find better ones after some time. Fashion jewelry includes items made from different fabrics, materials, feathers, beads, and so on. In short, one can explore many items in fashion jewelry. These are also cost-effective options for women. 

Costume Jewelry:

Costume jewelry is not that different from fashion jewelry. But, it is a replacement for finer jewelry items. In older times, women used costume jewelry as a regular jewelry item because they were not worried about its wear and tear. Moreover, these jewelry items can be left as an heirloom too. Therefore, they have been a preference for all. Above all these, designs of costume jewelry items are way too unique and attractive. So, who would not love to add such unique items to their outfits? Prices of costume jewelry items are sort of similar to fashion jewelry items. So, there is no need to worry about expenses either. 

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About BELAN:

BELAN offers various costume bracelets designs made from different metals that could sync with your outfits. 

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