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Those of you swinging top-tier Callaway drivers like the Rogue ST Max and Epic Speed drivers are playing with some of the most formidable options in the sport.

It’s only fitting that you should pair your investment with a shaft that allows you to extract every last drop of energy transfer and performance out of it, right?

And no two shafts are created equal, to be sure (not even from the same line!) but if you’re looking for Callaway driver shafts, these are two of your best options.

Project X Cypher Shafts
True Temper’s Project X Cypher shafts get high marks from critics as Callaway driver shafts. These are very lightweight shafts with low resin content that helps to eliminate some variation in the performance of the carbon fiber.

The result of this low-resin content is impressive consistency – which is key in this sport. These golf shafts are also engineered to deliver a consistent bend profile. They also deliver high launch and spin profiles that are suitable for players with slightly slower swing speeds. These launch profiles help players attain greater ranges while controlling shot dispersion – thanks to the consistency of the shaft’s performance.

Most important to note is that these are top Callaway driver shafts for players with slightly slower, even deliberate swing tempos. As True Temper says in its marketing, it’s not about “how fast you swing, but how you swing fast.” Players with slower tempos and smoother transitions will most appreciate what these shafts have to offer.

The bottom line: if you need a bit of a boost to your swing speed and you’re playing with a Callaway driver head, give the Project X Cypher series a bit of your attention before you commit.

Mitsubishi MMT Shafts
Mitsubishi MMT shafts are also excellent options when it comes to outfitting a Callaway driver. The hallmark of MMT shafts – and the feature that lends its name to them – is Mitsubishi’s “Metal Mesh Technology” which consists of individually braided strands of 304 stainless steel which are woven into the shaft’s prepreg carbon fiber layers.

This technology enables the production of shafts that are lighter, thinner, and stronger than either carbon fiber or steel shafts (since they contain elements of both). These shafts, consequently, offer greater reactivity than steel shafts, and better strength and stiffness than unaided carbon fiber.

For players that appreciate extraordinarily consistent and highly responsive shafts, in a lighter, thinner configuration, MMT shafts offer some of the best performance in the game.

They’re also available in a wide range of shaft torque and stiffness ratings and so are suitable for players with widely varying needs. Nonetheless, the shafts in this line offer unparalleled performance and mid to low launch and spin profiles, delivering the feedback and performance that players with aggressive swing tempos and speeds need to “go the distance” while taming shaft performance aberrations that cause shot errors.

The bottom line: if you have a higher swing speed and a more aggressive tempo, Mitsubishi MMT shafts may just take the cake when it comes to outfitting your Callaway driver.

How Can You Be Confident in a Callaway Driver Shaft?
While these are both great suggestions for Callaway driver shafts (and run the gamut for players with both higher and lower swing speeds and tempos) the only sure way to know you’re looking at a golf shaft that will work well for you is to cooperate with a professional golf club fitter.

Visit Dallas Golf Company and work with them for golf club fitting services. Or, if you’re not in their area, give them a call at 800-955-9550 and let them know you’re looking to re-outfit a Callaway driver and they’ll help get you there.

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