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Polo shirts are an essential part of every man's summer outfit. They are more comfortable to wear in warm weather than long-sleeved button-downs because of their lightweight fabric and airy design. Moreover, they can be worn to a casual dinner party or dressed up for a formal event. Considering how versatile a polo shirt is, it's easy to see why.

Are you looking for advice on looking your best in a polo shirt, wherever the summer may take you? These days, though, a distinctive collar isn't enough to distinguish a shirt as an authentic polo for guys. If it has:

A Welted Collar

One collar style is the welted collar, which has a ribbed fabric collar with a finished edge. When flipped up, polo collars stay put, protecting the backs of sensitive necks from the sun.

Short Sleeves

Although the first polo had lengthy sleeves, modern versions often stopped at or below the middle of the upper arm. The cuffs, like the collar, are constructed using welted edges.

 Welted Bottom Cuff 

Welting is vital when it comes to polos, so be prepared to see this design element applied to the bottom hemline of your shirt. In addition, if you want to wear your polo tucked in, specific models feature a few-inch tail. However, the standards have become less restrictive over time. These days, polo shirts can be found in a wide variety of materials, from cotton to knitted textiles to silks, even with or without a breast pocket.

 Explaining Why A Polo Shirt Is An Essential Piece Of Any Wardrobe

 Only a few articles of men's clothing are as well suited to the warmer months as the polo shirt. Polo is the perfect compromise between the casualness of a t-shirt and the polish of a button-down.

 The collar is primarily responsible for the sophisticated appearance of this otherwise plain garment. A shirt with a collar makes you feel more put-together than one without. In light of this, polo shirts are just as ordinary at formal summer weddings and exclusive yacht parties as at wild summer beach parties. When a dress shirt would make you too hot in the summer, a pair of bacchanals would be the logical choice.

 Polo can wear in a variety of contexts. Whatever your style, polo shirts are always a good choice because they go well with everything you wear during the season.

 1. Jeans (skinny jeans, denim jeans, etc.)

 Chino shorts or pants

 3. Shorts

 4. Sweatpants

 5. Sandals

 6. Tennis shoes

 7. Loafers

 8. Espadrilles

 You need to go shopping for a polo shirt if you don't already have one. Here, we also provide the names of two top brands to save time in your search. Gildan and SportTek polo shirt.

The Five Best Ways To Accessorize A Polo Shirt

 Now that you have this staple item in your closet, we can discuss the proper way to wear a polo shirt. Yes, polo shirts are basic tops that can stand independently, especially if you choose a style with some design details like stripes, patterns, or other embellishments. It's easy to throw on a polo and go.

This article will show you the two most effective methods of accessorizing a man's polo shirt.

 A Style For Laid-Back Guys

This look is perfect for the chill dudes who enjoy lounging around in pajamas. Are you that dude who's always too preoccupied with picking up a vibe to consider what he's wearing? How do you make a polo shirt look as laid-back as you are?

 Furthermore, you can wear it with your preferred pair of summer shorts. The level of informality dictates the appropriateness of each option.

  1. Chino Shorts

One of the most classic summertime outfit combinations is a polo shirt with flat-front chino shorts. Shorts in khaki or navy blue are standard, but if you want to avoid looking like you just got out of class, try a pair in a brighter shade, like green, yellow, or salmon.

  • Denim Shorts

Loose-fitting, light-wash denim jeans paired with a polo shirt, especially in pastel colors like pink, light blue, or green, are the quintessential casual look of the early 2000s.

 The Nautical Guy

The nautical dude values refinement and sophistication. Brands like SportTek polo shirts and Gildan are great options if you're looking for the most sophisticated color options. After purchase, you can wear polo in the following ways:

  1. Nautical Colors

The Nautical Guy has a simple rule regarding choosing colors: they must complement the sea. You may accomplish this look by wearing khaki shorts with a polo shirt in a blue or white color that complements the ocean, sky, and clouds. So, an outfit is finished off with a belt made of brown leather.

  •  Footwear Resembling A Boat

This iconic shoe, which has been worn on land for decades and is sometimes known as “deck shoes,” is an icon in its own right. At the same time, their slip-resistant rubber outsoles, water-resistant canvas or rubber uppers, and nautical-inspired details all add to this effect.

  • Nautical Accessories

The nautical look can be easily amplified with simple accessories, such as a sailor cap, a bucket hat, nautical-inspired jewelry, or a sweater slouched over the shoulders. Go for it without worrying about what others might think.

Final words!

Polo shirts are a timeless style. Wearing a polo shirt and slacks in a new and exciting style is a good idea, even though a classic combo like this can still turn heads.




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