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Types and forms of research

 In various secondary and higher educational institutions, one can observe the use of the following forms of organization of students' research activities:

1. Educational research work of students

This type of research can include term papers performed during the entire period of study at a university, as well as diploma work performed in the fifth year. During the course work, the student takes the first steps to independent scientific creativity. He learns to work with scientific literature (if necessary, then with foreign), acquires the skills of critical selection and analysis of the necessary information. If in the first year the requirements for term paper are minimal and writing it does not pose any difficulties for the student, then the next year the requirements will increase markedly, and writing the work will turn into a truly creative process. Thus, increasing the requirements for term paper every year, the university contributes to the development of the student as a researcher, making it almost imperceptible and unobtrusive for himself. further development of the student’s creative and cognitive ability, and as the final stage of student learning at the university, it is aimed at consolidating and expanding theoretical knowledge and in-depth study of the chosen topic & write my essay.

2. Research work beyond the requirements of the curriculum. 

As mentioned above, this form of research is the most effective for the development of research and scientific abilities among students. This is easy to explain: if a student, at the expense of free time, is ready to deal with issues of any discipline, then one of the main problems of the teacher is removed, namely, the student’s motivation for classes. The student is already so developed that you can work with him not as a student, but as a junior colleague. That is, the student from the vessel, which should be filled with information, turns into the source of the latter. The main forms in extracurricular are :

· Subject circles;

· Problem circles;

· Problem student labs;

· Participation in scientific and scientific conferences;

· Participation in university and republican competitions.

Subject circles

The leaders are the general scientific and general theoretical departments. The scientific community is the very first step in the NIRS, and the objectives are set for its participants simple. Most often, this is the preparation of reports and essays, which are then heard at the meetings of the circle or a scientific conference. A circle can unite as members of a group, course, faculty, and sometimes the entire institute and essay writer cheap

Problem circles

A problem circle can unite students from different faculties and courses, as well as if there are any at a university, colleges, and lyceums. The problem that the scientific supervisor of the circle, or any other of his choice, can be put at the forefront. 

Problem student laboratories 

 The laboratory is not a school of scientific work; classes in it involve a certain stock of knowledge and skills. Within the framework of the PST, various types of modeling are carried out, the study and analysis of real documents, programs, business games, as well as practical assistance to enterprises. 

 Participation in scientific and scientific conferences

At the conference, young researchers get the opportunity to speak with their work in front of a wide audience. This forces students to work more carefully on their future performance and hone their oratory skills. Also, everyone can compare how his work looks at a general level and draw appropriate conclusions. This is a very useful outcome of a scientific conference because, at the early stage, many students consider their judgments infallible, and their work – the most profound and most valuable scientifically and Essay Writer Online.       


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