Types of garage doors

If you are planning to install new garage doors, then you must take into consideration the quality, material, and style of the doors. There are different types of garage doors available in the market. Similarly, there are various materials with which the doors are made. For example, you can choose to install steel, wooden, or aluminum garage doors. Usually, wood doors are ideal if you want to give the garage of your home an antique appeal. For improved results, hire services from the best locksmith in Oklahoma City.

Similarly, if you are looking to install doors that can withstand damage caused due to exposure to heat and humidity, then you should install aluminum doors. You can also install steel doors if you are looking for a material that is both long lasting and cost-effective. Thus, depending on your requirements, you must select a particular material for your garage door. Once you have decided on the raw material, you should start checking the different types of doors available in the market and whether the particular material can be used to make the type of garage door you want. Some of the common types of garage door ideal for residences are as follows:

1.Sectional garage doors

These doors are ideal for wide garage spaces. These doors are usually in the form of panels that open up completely. The panel is connected to high tension wires that are attached to cables. When the door is activated, the wires attached to the cables pull the entire panel upwards. The panel moves up and will slide up towards the ceiling of your garage. These garage doors not only look stylish but is space saving as well.

Moreover, an upward moving paneled door exposes the entire garage. This will make it easier for you to move your car in and out of the garage. These types of doors are usually made of steel. However, these doors are highly versatile. You can easily add features to the door like windows and other fixtures. Another unique feature of these doors is that these can be colored, and you can even add textures of your choice on the door. So if you are looking for garage doors that are versatile and will amp up the overall appearance of your residence, then you can install sectional doors. Get the most out of services from the best locksmith in Oklahoma City.

2.Roll up garage doors

These types of garage doors are usually seen in commercial buildings. However, these types of garage doors are suitable for residences as well. These types of garage doors are essential and without any frills. When you activate the garage door, the entire door will get rolled up. These types of doors are made of steel slats, and these are mounted on top of another. But the appearance of the door will be like a continuous steel sheet when the door is rolled down. When you activate the door, the steel slats will roll up, exposing the entire garage space. These doors are practical and space saving. Moreover, roll up garage doors are a cost-effective solution, especially if you are looking for one that is long lasting, useful, and space saving. Often roll up garage doors are an ideal solution for small and medium sized garages.

3.Slide to the side garage door

These are modern and designer garage doors that consist of steel or wooden slats placed one after another in a parallel manner.  These slides are laid perpendicularly.  These are then attached to a channel that will run across the ceiling of your garage. The slats move along a trolley, which is placed along the pathways. When activated, the slats of your garage door will start moving along the channel on the ceiling. These types of garage doors are ideal if your garage is smaller and the ceiling is low. The unique feature of these garage doors is that you do not need to open the entire door always. You can easily open the garage door halfway and walk into your garage.

4.Hinged garage doors

These garage doors are like are standard doors. The door panels of these garage doors are attached to hinges and open outwards. These types of doors are usually found in old fashioned residences. Moreover, these garage doors are typically made of wood. Sometimes glass paneling in done on the wooden garage door. It gives it a more modern appeal. These types of classic garage doors are ideal for smaller garages and garages with low ceilings.

Thus, there are different types of garage doors available in the market. Moreover, the kind of garage door also depends upon the material with which it is made. So while installing a garage door, you must take into account the size of your garage, the material with which the doors will be made, and finally, the design of the door. After that, all you can install the door.


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