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Types of Home Water Dispensers and How to Choose the Best One

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Every home needs a simple and reliable way to access clean drinking water. One of the best alternatives to drinking straight from your tap is a home water dispenser designed to purify your water. But with all the options available, how do you choose the most suitable system?

Types of home water dispensers for different requirements

For homes with limited sink space

Many of Singapore’s residents live in apartments and condominiums. And while these properties offer better convenience, they don’t always have enough space.

How do you get clean drinking water if you live in an apartment and your kitchen sink countertop is already filled to the brim with plates and cooking equipment? One solution is to install an under-sink filtration system that refills automatically.

And don’t worry. Despite their size, under-sink filters have enough room to fit an advanced filtration system. You can still ensure that your water is free of bacteria.

Wall-mounted dispensers are also an excellent option, but they’re much more expensive than under-sink filters.

For homes with limited floor space

What if you do have home space, but it’s just not on the floor? You have two options: a tank dispenser or a tankless model that will fit perfectly on your countertop.

Traditional tank dispensers store water in a built-in container, allowing you to obtain water on demand. Meanwhile, tankless dispensers get rid of the container completely, only drawing water from your piping system when you need it to. This model can take more time, but it will save more money and energy in the long run.   

For homes with several members

Does your household have more than four members? Unfortunately, small tank and tankless systems may have difficulty keeping up with your daily demand for water, especially if everyone is home.

So, consider investing in a floor-standing water dispenser model instead. These systems have a higher capacity and can deliver both hot and cold water on demand.


Have you found the right type of home water dispenser for your needs? Don’t forget to purchase your chosen system from a reputable manufacturer offering high-quality products and services!




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