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Mason bee is a common name for bees in the genus Osmia, which belongs to the Megachilidae family. Mason bees get their name from the fact that they build their nests out of mud or other “masonry” products in naturally occurring gaps like fissures in rocks or other small dark spaces. When hollow stems or holes in wood caused by wood-boring insects are available, some species prefer to use them.


Osmia lignaria, often known as the orchard mason bee or blue orchard bee, is a megachilid bee that builds nests in reeds and natural holes, dividing its brood into distinct cells with mud dividers. It is unable to drill holes in wood, unlike carpenter bees. Though a number of different Osmia species are bred for use in pollination, O. lignaria is a common species utilized for early spring fruit bloom in Canada and the United States.

  1. Leaf Cutter Mason Bees:

Megachilidae is a globally distributed family of primarily solitary bees with a pollen-carrying device (called a scopa) limited to the abdomen's ventral side (rather than mostly or exclusively on the hind legs as in other bee families). The most common names for Megachilid genera are mason bees and leafcutter bees, which refer to the materials used to construct their nest cells (soil or leaves, respectively); a few collect plants or animal hairs and fibers and are referred to as carder bees, while others use plant resins and are referred to as resin bees. All species eat on nectar and pollen, however, a few are kleptoparasites that feed on pollen collected by other megachilid bees (informally known as “cuckoo bees”). The scope is not found in parasitic organisms.

  1. Osmia Texana Mason Bees:

The Texas osmia, or Texas osmia, is a bee species belonging to the Megachilidae family. It can be found in both Central and North America.

  1. Osmia California Bees:

A megachilid bee, or mason bee, is Osmia californica. Mason bees are vital pollinators that are native to North America. The orchard mason bee, O. California, emerges a little later in the spring than the more well-known orchard mason bee (O. lignaria). O. California, like the orchard mason bee, is a solitary nester.

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