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Today's sports industry is coming with many new faces and talents. Every day talented players around the world broke a new record. Sports uniform is the type of clothing, which a sports person wears during their practice and or during the live gaming session. To make your gaming and practice session comfortable we use premium quality material for tailoring sports uniform. The material used by us defeats precipitation and enables us to move swiftly during sports activity.

Hence, here is the list of clothes materials, which we use to make your gaming more reliable.

Cotton: earlier it is believed that cotton is not good at absorbing sweat. Nevertheless, with later experiments, it was found that cotton could absorb sweat and control odor too. Therefore, cotton sports uniforms can be chosen as activewear.

Calico: it is an unprocessed version of cotton. The material is equally soft and had a high absorbing capability, which makes it a good choice for sports uniforms. Also if you wish this as your uniform material then you are committing to the environment as they are biodegradable materials

Microfiber: This is a material that is made from a tiny thread with a linear density of not more than one denier. They are 100thime finer than a human hair. This is not a natural product but man-made. It the combination of different types of polyester. Hence, it is a bit expensive. This type of material is often used in branded sports uniforms.

Spandex: the main feature of this material is its stretchability. This makes one the most prevalent material for making sports uniforms. It makes the clothes agile which helps the sportsperson in a speedy movement. The material can stretch itself to 100times than its original size. They are a good absorbent of sweat and dry quickly.

Bamboo fiber: if you love your environment too much then you can opt for another environment-friendly material derived from bamboo. Bamboo fiber easily absorbs moisture and making it suitable for sports uniforms. It is a lightweight material and also shields you from UV rays in outdoor games.

Tencel: it is a wood-based fiber derived from wood pulp. Since it is made from wood pulp it has a good absorbing property which makes it an environmentally friendly sportswear material.

Sports uniforms are not made from just one material but are amalgamations of many. You have a choice to go eco-friendly and enjoy your practice session. You can also able to customize your sports uniform.


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