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Types of Therapy Sessions

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The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, with collaboration with the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi quoted that, ‘Being in charge of our health in 2021 is more than just rough’. It’s grown expensive to take care of you. And taking care of your mental health requires time, patience, and expense.

Based on these three factors, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India states that it isn’t that alarming that people tend to neglect their mental health and tend to focus on taking care of themselves physically. Since, we know for a fact, that health insurance doesn’t exactly cover mental health in several countries around the world. And it is just gaining traction to be covered in all developed countries. 

So we decided to help you look for a few ways to plug affordability into therapy.

Mental Health apps

Today, several apps have been launched and exist precisely to provide you with the best platform to browse for affordable mental health services. And to create a list of therapists that can provide you with the help you require and fit the needs of your criterion.

Brief Therapy

Most people consider therapy to be a prolonged process, one that may take years to take about their issues and recover from. This is a highly effective form of therapy for those who already have a name for what they’re going through, need someone to help them get through it, and lasts about 5 to 8 sessions.

Hyperfocus such as this and the short period in question increases the affordability of the therapy we seek and does give us another cost-effective approach towards mental health care.

Free/Meagerly Charged Services

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few avenues to look into when we want to find free therapy services that several residential community-based clinics offer.

Even if you don’t have a provider for health insurance to cover your fees or credit at hand to pay the charge by yourself, there are several residential community-based clinics that offer the help you require.

The problem is that these avenues aren’t often as well marketed as the private standard for healthcare across the country. Just because these services come for free or cost less, doesn’t mean that their value/standard is any lesser than that of the paid mental health services.

Most of the staff hired are educated psychotherapists who help out during their free time or put in their efforts for community outreach at these clinics.

Group Therapy

Not all problems can be solved through one-on-one interactions in therapy. Sometimes, being among a group of people going through the same issues that we are, provides us with more comfort than we may realise.

And group therapy costs one-third the amount that one-on-one psychotherapy sessions cost. So, it qualifies as a cost-effective way of checking in mentally.

People coping with the loss of their loved ones, dealing with gender and sexuality and other identity issues, substance disorders, and so on, have sometimes benefited more from group therapy than they have through individual therapist interactions.







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