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Web hosting services is required to launch websites on the World Wide Web. Hosting services of both professional and free hosting are available to clients looking to publish their website or personal page. There are free hosting services available to low budgeted clients but they can be a headache once you start operating it. Free hosting services come at the cost of your own publicity or non-publicity as the site start throwing pop-ups which are basically ads that hosting services display to online visitors. Since it hampers consumer’ experience and eventually end in people rejecting your website. This is the reason why you should hire profesionalus hostingas (professional Hosting) which poses no such interruptions and provide free flowing web content serving.

However not all free hosting services are same and you will find one of the cheapest in WordPress hosting which provide free software and plug-ins and affordable prices for hosting. The prices and features will change with each WordPress host, but on the overall count you will find the WordPress services cheaper. Pigus hostingas (cheap hosting) does not necessarily mean inferior services but you should verify the credentials and performance before signing up for a cheap web hosting service.

Types of hosting

  • Self Hosting

Self hosting is possible and you will require installing the necessary hardware and software, preferably a high-configuration server and software and the required internet connectivity which is fast. Cost may become higher if you establish your own server because the server will have to provide files to users and customers 24 x 7 and you will have to keep the server running. This will prove costly and it is better advised to opt for a professional service which is capable of taking immediate measures when things go wrong. Big businesses can afford to host their own website and they will buy the server hardware and technology, and allot infrastructure to house the server. This is not possible for cash starved small and medium enterprises.

  • Shared hosting

This is the most common and economical option because it divides its resources among several users or guests thus reduces the cost. This is a great option for small and medium establishments and they can have their own space on the server and use its resources fully to make their website highly functional. The hosting on the other hand may prove to be inconsistent since the resources are shared between clients.

  • Virtual private servers (VPS)

This is another economical serveriu hostingas which is better than shared hosting. Here the server space is shared by many clients but each one is provided with their own private server which allows them greater freedom of operation and changes.


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