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UAE Rules for Motorists That You Should Follow

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In the United Emirates, communication facilities are the most important part of daily life. Traveling from one place to another in Dubai and other Emirates is something that is both smooth and comfortable. Motorbikes and cars are common means of transportation in the country. So in UAE, particularly for the motorists, there are many rules and regulations that one should follow for the prevention of accidents. As per the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai, there are some mandatory traffic rules that need to be followed by all motorists. The Road and Transport Authority in Dubai, which implemented the traffic fines in the UAE, has long joined forces with the Dubai police who set safety rules within the city of Dubai so as to prevent accidents and fatalities alike. 

Though a motorist also has health insurance in UAE coverage, it ensures that there is proper financial security for accidents and mishaps, along with third party death, damages and other damages to vehicles. In December 2021, the Police Authority raised awareness on the issue across social media platforms. Before the rules set up by the RTA Dubai, it was mandatory to have a motorcycle license in Dubai for the delivery riders and all citizens living within the country. 

Key rules that should not be neglected 

  • Once you are riding outdoors, you should avoid the left lane, or the overtaking lane as it is called. 
  • You should follow the speed limit in the UAE, which is 100 kilometres per hour. 
  • If there is a car or motorbike in front, then you should maintain a safe distance from the same as per the prevailing guidelines. 
  • You should not ride on the pedestrian sidewalks or crosswalks. 
  • You should always respect and abide by traffic signals. 
  • Install a phone holder for your bike to track your location instead of using it while riding. This is not allowed by all means. 
  • You should always follow the direction indicators and give the signs accordingly while changing pathways or turning. 
  • Stop at the red light without breaking the signal. 
  • When riding on crosswalks, extra caution is mandated since traffic comes from every side. 
  • You should always have proper knowledge of bike-riding in the UAE. 
  • Motorbikes and all vehicles should be properly insured, serviced, and maintained. 
  • Delivery bikes should have lighter delivery boxes, particularly at night, while wearing company uniforms for better identification. 
  • No pillion riders are allowed for delivery bikes. 
  • Riders should have motorcycle helmets, shoes, jackets, and gloves. 
  • Companies should bar delivery personnel with medical issues from riding outdoors and also in bad weather conditions. 
  • Phone holders are a must for delivery bikes. 

Vehicle Insurance 

Motorbike riders usually purchase health insurance in the UAE due to the prospects of unforeseen calamities. There are many kinds of policies available. Your insurance broker will help you find one that offers sizable coverage for medical treatments and other expenditures. You can also buy car insurance online with the help of your broker. However, remember that abiding by the rules and regulations of the authorities is always essential to ensure safer riding experiences outdoors. You can consult your insurance broker for the best two-wheeler or car insurance plans in the UAE. This broker will help you get the best plan at the most affordable and competitive price point. 

Once you are buying your insurance plan, make sure you verify it thoroughly in order to ensure that all major aspects of coverage are included. These include coverage for third-party accidents, death, and damages, along with comprehensive coverage for damages to your vehicle. Many insurance plans also offer coverage for theft, losses, and other aspects. Make sure you get help from your broker in understanding the inclusions and exclusions of each policy and its major benefits for you. Do not skimp on premiums; sometimes the lowest premium is not always the best choice for getting a good policy that suits your needs. Your insurance broker will help you choose the best possible options in this regard. Always consult a reputed broker before taking your decision. Also, remember to follow these basic rules while you are on the road in the UAE. 


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