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Ultrasonic Massager device for physiotherapy

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If you are suffering from pain and didn’t get any results after using medicines? To stay fit and to achieve your routine work goals. You have to choose the right pain-relieving machine which can provide you drug-free treatment at home.

UltraCare PRO is here with Ultrasonic Massage Therapy for your pain.


What is Ultrasonic Therapy?

Ultrasonic massage therapy is a kind of therapy that involves the use of sound waves to treat problems in the body, especially musculoskeletal problems such as sprains, inflammation, and muscle strains. Ultrasound therapy promotes healing through deep heating to the soft tissues.

The therapy aims at increasing the blood flow in the affected areas and decreasing pain.


How does Ultrasonic Therapy Massager help?

Ultrasound or Ultrasonic massager uses the technique of increasing blood flow in swollen parts of the body offering healing. It also helps in alleviating chronic inflammation.

The ultrasonic physiotherapy machine therapy varies based on the level of intensities and frequencies of sound. However, they all share the basic principle of provoking tissue which is called stimulating with sound waves; which are above the range of human hearing. It is basically a vibration therapy in other words.

Ultrasonic therapy is an effective way of providing medication to tissues below the skin; it is the best option for patients who are not comfortable with injections. The ultrasonic energy inflicts the medication through the skin.

The ultrasound physiotherapy machine is known to cure common conditions like joint swelling, muscle spasms, and tendinitis.


Top-Rated #1 Ultrasonic Massager device for physiotherapy

US 111 is one of the best-known innovations in medical science that is a safe, non-invasive, and 100% natural way of providing relief, that cures any muscle or joint sprain.

The vibration of crystals within the head of the probe in US 111 penetrates the skin up to 4 cm into muscle tissues. It generates continuous 1 MHz frequency sound waves which lead to deep healing and usually go unnoticed by the patient.


US 111 promotes muscle pain healing, reduces swelling and inflammations if treated timely and regularly. The best part about this ultrasound pain machine is that you can always adjust the intensity and mode of treatment in it, depending on the condition of the pain with the provided controllers.


This device is tested and approved by pain management professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors, and physicians. The US 111 kit comes along with an ultracool pack, instruction manual, a Nature cure ultrasound gel, one power adapter, and a sleek carrying pouch.


How does US 111 massager work?


The electric energy converts into strong vibratory sound waves of ultrasound therapy after you place the circular ultrasound head onto the affected area after applying a transmission coupling gel. US 111 ultrasound machine for physiotherapy machine works diversely and cures minor to chronic issues in the body.

The generated ultrasound energy then pierces into the skin to the soft tissue resulting in causing mild vibrations and deep heating within the tissues.

This process of US 111 improves mobility in the joints and ligaments. Its therapeutic effect fastens the healing process by increasing blood circulation, scar tissue breakdown, tissue relaxation, and oxygen flow.


When to avoid ultrasound therapy?

There are some cases where ultrasound therapy becomes a subjective matter. In cases like local malignancy, local acute infection, vascular abnormalities, or metal implants inside the affected area or abdomen of pregnant women ultrasound therapy must totally be avoided.

It is instructed to avoid applying ultrasound machines directly over specific areas like active epiphyseal regions in children, over the eyes, spinal cord in the area of a laminectomy, over skull or testes.

Ultrasound equipment while used under the guidance of highly trained professionals like a physiotherapist, it is very unlikely to cause negative effects. It is even recommended to consult a physiotherapist in any of the above-mentioned cases before using ultrasound therapy.



Ultrasound is a trustworthy modality that has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s. It is known to help with tissue relaxation and has many healing properties. Try our best ultrasound pain machine, US 111 to get rapid results.




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