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Unconventional Wedding Band Alternatives For Grooms

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Planning your big day with the love of your life is a milestone in your life. A milestone that you commemorate with vows and wedding bands. But for some of you, the idea of wearing jewelry seems uncomfortable, especially if you aren't used to jewelry. Or any other reason which makes a ring feel like an inconvenience. Don’t stress about it because in no way does that show that you are hesitant about your lifelong commitment.

Here, you will find 5 substitutes to wedding bands you can consider for showcasing your commitment.

  • Bespoke watches

A luxury watch would cost the same as a wedding band more or less. If this feels like a better option over wedding bands, you can shop for luxury watches in New Jersey at the best jewelers. Personalize the watch with engraving your wedding date, initials, or a quote on the case back.

  • Ring Tattoos

Ring tattoos are an unorthodox alternative to accessories. If you don’t like the weight of something on your person all day long, a tattoo on your ring finger is an imperishable option. Symbols, initials, and ring designs are some of the common tattoo ideas to consider. Bracelet tattoos are also a preference.

  • Wedding band necklaces

If you like the idea of owning a wedding band, but can only wear it for so long, investing in a chain is advisable. You can customize the necklace at the best custom jeweler in New Jersey. Some say that the band is closer to their heart when worn like that.

  • Silicon Rings

Silicon rings are becoming famous for their durability and chic look. For someone with an active lifestyle, silicon rings are more fitting. Though they are rings, they are a lot more comfortable than metal rings and oftentimes can feel barely there to the wearer.

  • Bracelets men's bracelets new jersey

If you’re looking to wear jewelry but a ring seems too traditional and inconvenient, bracelets are a timeless alternative to bands. Bracelets generally don’t get in the way of work, resulting in minimal wear out and damage. You can shop the exclusive collection of men’s bracelets in New Jersey.

You can shop for traditional and modern wedding bands at Prestige Diamonds NJ or if you’re looking for an alternative in jewelry, their collection offers a variety of timeless pieces. 

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