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Custom Burger Boxes Wholesale:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your favorite burger? Its taste runs through your palettes for sure, but also its packaging plays a big role. The color, logo, and burger box have a unique association with your senses.

And that is the biggest advantage fast food restaurants have over their customers. Promoting and identifying the brand with attractive colorful packaging. There are dozens of benefits that customized burger boxes provide to fast food businesses. Below are the most significant.

  • Size of Custom Burger Box:

Deciding the right size of the burger box is a crucial step. The size of the burger box should be approximately 2-3 times larger than the burger. Enough space will allow the burger to retain its actual shape without being pressed down. You can get these boxes in a bulk quantity through wholesale retailers.

The other important factor to be kept in mind is the spare section if you are intending to sell sides along with burgers like sauce, fries, etc.

To avoid any unnecessary waste make sure you double-check the size before getting in bulk quantity.

  • Materials for Custom Burger Boxes and Types:

To retain the perfect taste, moisture, and warmth—you need to choose the right burger box. It doesn’t if you have a restaurant running or a small burger stand, the burger box will serve a dual purpose; firstly, to protect the product and secondly, to promote the brand.

The 2 common materials used for manufacturing burger boxes are cardboard and cardstock.

Cardboard can be a better choice because it's eco-friendly (biodegradable), keeps food warm regardless of the outside temperature, and has a thicker outer to protect the food inside.

Another option is corrugated burger boxes. It’s for those who are looking for something sturdier than cardboard. These boxes have more layers of material than cardboard. Sellers who want to ship or transport products for farther destinations would love to choose this material due to its high durability. Such boxes can also be given a customized look by applying different printing techniques.

  • Why Eco-Friendly Material?

It’s obvious that all the wrappers and food packaging boxes are dumped into the trash after the product is consumed. However, the duration of decomposition of the packaging matters a lot for the sake of the environment. This is another important that should be kept in mind while choosing burger packaging boxes. 

Some restaurants use custom burger boxes that are made with recycled paper. Such boxes are strong, easy to transport, and above all safe for the environment and food. Recycled paper burger boxes also reduce the amount of carbon footprint (hence, a less toxic atmosphere with cleaner air).

  • Brand Recognition Matters and You Can Do it with Burger Boxes:

How you present your product directly relates the brand recognition. Being an owner of a burger business your burger boxes should stand out to have customer attraction potential. For that make sure you not only sell burgers in the custom boxes but also deliver the message (May that be the company’s logo or a short punch line) at the same time.

There are many options in printing and graphics available. Once the process comes down to printing, logo designing, and lamination you will have plenty of options available.

To add to it, some sellers also offer burger boxes wholesale which results in a reduced price and bulk quantity of stock available.

  • Extra Features to Add in Custom Burger Boxes:

When it comes to creativity, there is always room for something extra.

We have already talked about the basics, but if you want your boxes to look different and worthy then there are tons of features that can be helpful.

First of all, it comes down to the appearance of the box. Get hands with a creative designing team that will provide you with upbeat designs and templates to utilize. You can then use their expertise to give a proper and final look.

Secondly, the style of the box can also help set your brand apart. Usually, the following are the styles that can be easily available in the market—you can choose the ones that appeal to you the most:

  • Gable boxes
  • Burger trays
  • Burger box with 2 pieces
  • Front tucked, double walled burger box
  • Burger box with die-cut of PVC.
  • Custom Burger Boxes Can Help Generate Revenue:

As mentioned above, good burger boxes can help catch the customer’s attention. You can go with the cheaper options as well, like paper bags and other less pricey packaging materials, but ruins the quality of the burger before even eating it.

However, that doesn’t happen if you are using a good burger box. Plus you are also building your business’s portfolio as you sell each burger box. So it’s a win-win strategy! 

To add variety to your menu and provide sides along with burgers, a good and spacious burger box will do the job in single packaging. So that means you are actually saving extra money spent on sides’ packaging as well as generating profit.

  • Personalized Boxes on Special Occasions:

The place your burger business is located has a lot to do with the local festivities and traditions of the place. And if you take care of that factor, it would be something close to the custom’s heart. For example, Christians celebrate Christmas throughout the West every year. To make their festival even more special you can design personalized custom burger boxes for the day. Your customers will surely feel valued!





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