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Underbelly black little crazy queen: Evil king, please take it

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Emperor Yin kept in mind every word that Old Seventeen had said. How's it going? Brother Fourteen, can Ben Wang take Lou Yue with him? Emperor Yucheng said that his mouth was dry, and then he blinked his big innocent eyes and looked at the prince with an expectant face. OK Emperor Yin relented. That's great! Emperor Yucheng was so happy that he just jumped up and said, “Sure enough, Brother Fourteen, you know the general situation best!”! Ben Wang likes you! With that, he stretched out his big hand and patted the prince heavily on the shoulder. The corner of Emperor Yin's eye twitched and he said, “Don't feel sick.” Emperor Yucheng smiled with a harmless face and said, “Don't worry. The king will take good care of Xiaolouyue and bring her back safely with a lot of hair.” Emperor Yin took a deep look at Emperor Yucheng and said, “Remember your promise!” “That must be.” Emperor Yucheng winked at Emperor Yin. As a result, Jiang Louyue was taken away as a matter of course. Emperor Yucheng only gave Jiang Louyue half a day's time to clean up, and in the evening, the Shenbing expedition assembled at the gate of the school. Shenbing expedition, a total of hundreds of people's team, each person is 17 Wangyedi Yucheng for so many years from the collection of “elite”, of which, about one third, is already graduated from the college of the man of the hour. Jiang Louyue they saw, also want to call a senior. Among the students of the same grade, in the Shenbing Expedition Team, there are also the first Emperor Jiuchen, the second Jialiang Childe, and the sixth Su Xuanxuan. Many teachers and students of the college came to see him off, after all, this is the team of the vice president. Of course, Diyin also came. But when Emperor Yin saw Emperor Jiuchen standing intimately beside Jiang Louyue in the Shenbing expedition team, his face was still black in an instant. Old Seventeen, how come you never mentioned it to me? Emperor Yucheng pretended to be innocent, and his eyes were in a mess. “What are you talking about?” Emperor Yin glared at Emperor Yucheng and gnashed his teeth, saying,industrial racking systems, “Emperor, Jiu, Chen!” “Huh?” Emperor Yucheng stretched out a hand, made up and pulled out his ears, saying, “I can't hear it. There are insects flying in my ears.” Emperor Yin raised his smooth chin slightly and squinted at Emperor Yucheng with a very horrible look in his eyes. His voice seemed to come from the nether world of hell: “Old Seventeen, do you have the guts to tell me again?” Some 17 Wang Ye rat body a shock, just like the fallen leaves in the wind, trembling non-stop, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, automatically admitted. Fourteen elder brother, this king is not intentionally conceals you, the emperor nine Chen early in the morning joined the team, this king just forgot to mention with you. Emperor Yin threw out a knife, which landed at the feet of Emperor Yu Cheng. “Die to apologize, drive in racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking,” he said in a cold voice. This, damn it! He didn't mean it? Only the devil can believe it! “Ah, the king is dead.” Emperor Yucheng picked up the knife, made a gesture of wiping his neck, and then tilted his body and fell to the ground. After three breaths, he got up silently, patted the dust on his body, coughed lightly, and strutted to the front of the Shenbing expedition. With a wave of his big hand, he said, “Let's go!” Emperor Yin: “..” Teachers and students: “… …” Three hundred years ago, Xihuang was a vassal state of the Dagan Dynasty. Shigui Mountain is the Holy Land of the Western Wilderness. A thousand years ago, it was also the most prosperous period of the Western Wilderness. The Ghost King was born and became a generation of heroic monarchs. He constantly expanded the land around him. When the territory was the most vast, he even occupied more than half of the Dagan Dynasty. After the death of the ghost king, the Western Wilderness gradually declined until three hundred years ago, when he completely submitted to the Dagan Dynasty. Unfortunately, the pace of extinction has not stopped. Nowadays, apart from some scattered primitive tribes, such as the Stone Clan, the Devouring Clan and the Corpse Clan, there are no more people in the Western Wilderness. But from generation to generation, the footsteps of exploring Xihuangshi Ghost Mountain have never stopped. The legend of immortality has a fatal attraction. The Shenbing Expedition has its own fleet of tigers and horses. Tiger horse is one of the easiest to domesticate Warcraft, the second grade of yellow rank, for riding, but also for carrying goods. The speed is fast and the distance is fast. Under normal circumstances, a domesticated tiger horse can be sold at an auction house for a high price of five million taels of gold, but looking at the expedition team of the Seventeen Princes, they actually have fifty tiger horses, which is really rich! The speed of the tiger horse is very fast, the physical strength is good, can not eat or drink to run continuously for three days and three nights. So, ten days later, a group of magic soldiers had arrived at their destination. This is the Western Wilderness, and it really deserves its name of desolation. Jiang Louyue was amazed. What appears in front of us is the endless desolate Gobi. In addition to strong winds, loess and gravel, there are also extremely ugly Gobi animals, such as lizards. Keep going. Ten miles to the southwest is the tribe of the Stone Clan. We can go there to rest. Once again, Emperor Yucheng gave orders. The Tiger Caravan turned around and immediately headed southwest. A quarter of an hour later, we arrived at the destination of rest and recuperation. The gathering place of the Stone Clan is a slender oasis belt, which is born of the Pearl River in the center. Stone people are exposed to the desert Gobi all the year round. Under the strong sunlight, both men and women in the clan have black and brown skin, and their appearance is full of exotic flavor. They like to wear nose rings and clay pots on their heads. The men here are particularly strong, and the women here are particularly plump. More importantly, the dressing style of Shi men and women is particularly unique, except for the important parts wrapped in some animal skins, other parts are. ‘Naked ‘. Here. The Stone Clan is a matrilineal clan. There are more women than men. They are very enthusiastic about foreign guests. You are all blessed. After Emperor Yu Cheng was the first to get off the bus, he winked at his subordinates behind him, and his voice was full of warmth. In the magic team,heavy duty cantilever racks, the ratio of men to women is about ten to one, and there are no more than ten women. Therefore, Emperor Yucheng's ambiguous words were all directed at the male team members. jracking.com


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