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Understand Why Rust Bullet’ Stop Rust Paint is an Industry Leader in Corrosion Prevention

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Commercial and industrial corrosion prevention requires a reliable, heavy-duty product from a trusted name like Rust Bullet. Unlike conventional epoxy, aluminum, and elastomeric coatings, Rust Bullet's stop-rust paint products are more effective in any setting, even with constant exposure to the harshest elements and environments.



Rust Bullet paints are meticulously formulated with a patented formula tested to prove efficiency in rust prevention. All products have no chromates, lead, heavy metals, or zinc, so they pass the California VOC and EPA Standards for Potable Water standards. So far, the brand has two patents from the USPTO. Moreover, the formulation ensures easy-to-apply coatings with long-lasting protective properties to minimize labor costs and eliminate the need for frequent reapplication.



New to Rust Bullet? Please keep reading to discover why it's leading in corrosion prevention.



  • Versatility
  • Rust Bullet's StandardIndustrial Gold Label Formula is the best stop rust paint for most commercial and industrial projects. It provides reliable protection, even when exposed to the harshest conditions familiar to those settings. Even with a minimum dry film thickness of 12 to 15 mils, it already protects surfaces with an armor-like, nonporous, impenetrable shield to maintain, defend, and repair surface integrity. Plus, the patented formulation resists chemicals, scratches, UV, and chipping to ensure outstanding protection from corrosives and abrasives.



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rust Bullet paints are mold encapsulated and outperform fire-retardant coatings. Plus, they are VOC-compliant in 50 states with their low VOC content. Rust Bullet offers low-VOC content versions of theirIndustrial and Automotive formulas to meet stricter VOC requirements.



  • Better formulation
  • Rust Bullet is unlike any other stop rust paintbecause it’s a moisture-cure urethane. As such, it doesn’t require an activator or a heat source to cure. Plus, it is more flexible than elastomeric coatings, especially in applications that require superior moisture and chemical resistance. Compared to epoxy coatings, Rust Bullet DuraGrade Color Coating cures faster, especially with Rust Bullet Rapid Fire Accelerator.



Take control of corrosion prevention now!



Try Rust Bullet and discover why it's the top-stop rust paint for your business. You can also refer to their website for application guidelines specific to your industry and requirements.


About the Company:


Rust Bullet, LLC is a coatings manufacturer headquartered in Reno, NV, USA, specializing in protective, rust inhibitive, and corrosion control coatings. Rust Bullet, LLC sells to businesses and consumers worldwide through our global distribution network.

For more information, contact Rust Bullet, LLC at 1-800-245-1600 or via email at salesrust@bullet.com. Purchase Industrial Low VOC products on Rust Bullet, LLC's website: https://www.rustbullet.com/product/industrial-low-voc/or on Amazon, Walmart, and Lowe's.


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