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Building and managing an eCommerce store is a significant task, and it may not be done properly until you fully understand the investments you are making. It's important not to incur hidden costs when running your shop online. The investment in setting up an eCommerce platform involves not only licensing fees but many other factors as well. These factors include third-party apps, ongoing maintenance by solution partners, and optimizations.

In this blog, we would like to provide an overview of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and how to better understand it.

TCO is the sum of all the costs and expenses of purchasing, implementing, and managing an e-commerce solution. From a technical and paid perspective, this includes licensing fees, hosting, extensions, third-party apps, feature development, design, and ongoing maintenance. It's not uncommon for platform licensing fees to change as your business grows. Ask each potential platform about their pricing structure and how they stack up as online revenue grows.

eCommerce Project Checklist

Digital transformation projects can be very costly for eCommerce, so it's important to ask yourself the right questions before deciding on a project. Below are some key questions to ask yourself and your key stakeholders when running an eCommerce project.

What are your main goals for your online store? Do you have an existing online shop or are you starting from scratch? What is your ideal eCommerce development budget? What are your shipping options? Factors Affecting eCommerce Website Packages.

When considering the cost of your e-commerce project, there are several factors to consider when planning the cost of your eCommerce project.

1. Hosting

Web hosting is the initial entry point for eCommerce costs and depends on the domain name you choose, expected site traffic, and whether you host yourself or use a SaaS eCommerce platform. With FODUU eCommerce website packages,

It starts at $100.

Payment processors help manage transactions for purchases made on the web store. eCommerce costs associated with payment processing may vary depending on the platform selected.

2. Visual Design and Branding

Did you know that over 70% of B2B buyers spend more than half of their research time online? Having a visually appealing website with truly compelling content is the key to going digital. It's a top priority for B2B companies, and it comes at a price.

Therefore, an easy-to-use CMS that allows you to test your design and keep your users engaged should be a key priority when choosing the right e-commerce platform.

3. Manual work

Whether in the form of additional designers or database managers, additional hiring should be included in the total investment cost for businesses that do not have e-commerce project experience. When it comes to solutions like FODUU’s eCommerce website design, processes are streamlined and automated, minimizing the need to hire additional staff to manage your web store.

4. Web store adjustment

Whether it's a complete website rebuild or features specific to your product inventory, web store customization often comes at an additional cost.

5. Update

While it may seem obvious for eCommerce providers to include updates in their standard products, this is not always the case. When calculating the total cost of your online portal, consider whether the software in question includes updates or whether you will have to pay for them yourself.

These updates may include:

  • bug fixes

  • general maintenance

  • Security update

  • New features and feature updates


How to find affordable eCommerce website packages?


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