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Understanding in details about automated paints

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The Asia-Pacific region is the biggest market for the global automotive paint industry. New Zealand is considered the middle power of the Asia pacific region and has one of the highest ratios of the number of cars per 1000 population in the world. The automotive paint consumption of New Zealand is expected to more than double in size over the next ten years, and steady innovations are also expected. The global automotive paints market is growing and is expected to cross 12 billion USD by 2026. 

Automotive Paint Supplies NZ 

It is important to note for anyone carrying out spray painting, whether professional or not, the importance of using the right equipment, such as protective gloves, masks, and breathing apparatus, and to ensure that health and safety protocols are being followed to provide a positive spraying experience. An automobile is susceptible to damage from rust. Automobile repairs and painting services have to be equipped with not only hands-on knowledge but also need the best quality automotive painting supplies. 

When choosing the right Spray Paint for your project, not only is it essential that the repair and painting professional has a full grasp of the equipment required and the type of automotive paint to use, and they must also know how each of this equipment can be used to do the best repair and paint job. They should have a thorough understanding of both the 1K and 2K paint application processes. 

Most traditional 2K automotive paint hardeners are Isocyanic based. This type of hardener substrate in traditional 2k or two-pack paints contains compounds harmful to inhalation and exposure for humans. Therefore, the automobile painting process must be conducted with excellent knowledge and corresponding implementation of health and safety rules. Only automotive repairs and painting professionals with extensive training and the best painting safety accessories can get the job done smoothly without causing any harm to their health as well as to others. 

Once the Isocyanate Hardener container is opened, the paint's shelf life is limited to the next 4 to 8 hours. This is another time-related hassle of the automotive painting job and becomes more complicated if several cans are used. However, a Non-Isocyanate hardener is also available. 2K Aerosols with Non-Isocyanate Hardener or 2K Air Dry Converter utilizes non-toxic, non-isocyanate-based hardeners to convert traditional 2k force dry paint into air dry materials. 

To be careful, an Isocyanate Hardener inside the can has a maximum shelf life of 12 months. You have to be sure of the hardener's date of manufacture as you may buy paint with date expired hardener inside. It would help if you used a 2K paint with a Non-Isocyanate Activator or hardener. 

Spray Painting Accessories

Spray painting a Water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint is the favoured method. The automotive spray paint NZ process requires several accessories too. It's essential to have the best quality accessories; The right protective equipment includes protective gloves, disposable masks, proper breathing apparatus, etc. A few of the other essential accessories are:

  • Spray booth floor filler.
  • Ceiling filter for spray booth.
  • I am covering tape.
  • Automotive masking tape.
  • Kraft paper.
  • I am rubbing Compound Paste to rejuvenate heavily weathered surfaces on the automobile's body.
  • She graduated with Paint mixing cups of different sizes.
  • Rotary polishing machine
  • Sanding blocks
  • Plastic spreader
  • Panel Stand
  • Covering film
  • Suction spray gun
  • Painters overall
  • Dispersion tube
  • Magnetic spray gun

The most important aspect of this job is that it should be a well-planned endeavour. Everything should be planned and in its place before beginning the job. The paint should also be tested before the painting job begins. 




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