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Diagnosing male infertility primary involves a medical check-up, analysing medical history and taking a fertility or semen analysis test. How does this fertility test for men help doctors understand male fertility? Let’s find out.

What is semen analysis?

It is the first step for the medical evaluation of a male individual’s fertility. This fertility test for men is carried out to evaluate the quality of the semen and the number of sperms it contains.

When is a Semen Analysis recommended?

A semen analysis test is usually recommended when a couple faces a problem conceiving. While a woman must undergo a number of different tests, the male partner has to take the semen analysis test. From this test, one receives a detailed report on different aspects of the semen, the quantity and quality of the sperm, along with sperm morphology and motility.

A semen analysis can also be requested after a vasectomy. The test is requested three months after the procedure, to ascertain sterility in the male individual.

What does a semen analysis help with?

A semen analysis is used to assess the following factors:

Vitality: the ability of the sperms to live and endure

Liquefaction time: Semen is usually in the form of a thick gel at the time of ejaculation. It turns into liquid 20 minutes post-ejaculation. The liquefaction time is a measure of the time taken for the semen to liquefy.

Volume: the measure of the quantity of semen present in one ejaculation

pH: the acidity (low pH) or alkalinity (high pH) of the semen

Morphology: the percentage of sperms having normal shape

Fructose level: the amount of fructose in the semen.

Mobility: checks the movement or swimming ability of the sperm.

Count: the number of different sperms present per ejaculation

As you can see, the test checks fertility for men in terms of the sperms and not just the semen.

How is the semen analysis test carried out?

A semen sample is collected after masturbation by the male individual. The sample is collected via ejaculation into a special container at the doctor’s clinic or with the help of a special condom for collecting semen during intercourse. The semen should then be examined within a specific time frame, for achieving the most accurate results.

Once the semen is collected, it is sent to the laboratory for the measurement of the number of sperms present in it and for checking abnormalities in shape. The laboratory might also check for signs of infections in the semen. Quite often, the sperm counts fluctuate from one specimen to another. In a lot of cases, semen analysis tests are carried out over a period, for gaining accurate results. If the sperm analysis is normal, the doctor might ask for a thorough test of the female partner, before conducting more tests on the male individual.

Now that you’re aware of what a semen analysis does, you can go and consult a doctor or simply type “fertility test for men near me” in your internet browser and book an appointment at a reputed clinic.



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