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Corrosion of concrete is known to be a very important issue towards which every builder should take a sincere concern. We have often heard that Structural repairs of industrial buildings  is indeed required for every construction party to take care of. A structural repairs of buildings  against the issues of corrosion, many buildings have experienced unacceptable losses which can be termed according to the measures of service, rehab and strengthening which has to eventually replace the previous structure or fittings which doubles the cost of repairing. The process of known as a repair and rehabilitation companies in india process as the durability of concrete is very important and has been in the service for a long period of time where the durable concrete needs to be designed very properly and should only have good quality of supplements inside where the concrete can also be termed as being vulnerable only due to some very tough conditions where corrosion attack can take place with the issues of porosity, permeability and the issues of chemical attack as well. The sheer intensity and the strong nature of these properties may change which can only be dependent on the environmental conditions around the building.


It is a fact that corrosion is known to be one of the most destructible processes which is deteriorating the foundation of big concrete structures which also have many compromises on hand with a ton of service availability structure required. Mainly the corrosion takes place on steek embedded where concrete starts producing hydrates of iron oxide which is also known as rust. This rust then starts growing which leads towards the destruction led by the electrochemical reactions which mainly occur in the environment. There are tons of chloride and carbonate also which have external agencies which mainly lead to the issues of corrosion where CO2 and chlorides go ahead and push deep inside the concrete where they get dissolved inside the pore solutions and then form carbonic acid. This acid thus then reacts with the alali present in the cement and forms carbonates which lower the pH level of the concrete.


Thus as the threshold is reached and the concrete cover is thus compromised where the level of pH surrounding the concrete rises the process of corrosion takes place. Hence, when alkalinity begins to drop from the pace of 12-13 to about the value of 9 and the embedded steel starts to become de-passivated, hence in the presence of oxygen and water the initiation of corrosion starts to take place where rust is formed on the steel which is thus expanded in the volume of 3 to 6 times than the original steel making the foundation to crumble, which also increases the volume change and increases the stress which leads to small cracks which are visible. Thus, to put an end to all these and for safety purposes, it is a must to have anti-corrosive measures.


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