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Manufacturing electronic goods relies on highly efficient assembly systems, and careful inventory management to ensure you are getting the parts and raw materials needed to meet production needs. If you run an electronics operations, you know that it can be difficult to manage inventory logistics on top of everything you already have on your plate. For this reason, partnering with an experienced and reliable custom cable manufacturing provider is the best way to get your wiring needs met on time!

While it may be tempting to do your wiring in house, there are many benefits to letting a custom cable provider take care of this aspect of your operation. For one, they can take advantage of a cadre of raw materials suppliers to get the best quality products at the lowest cost. You might think that outsourcing wiring would only complicate your production line, but you might be surprised at how easily an experienced supplier can be implemented into your current system. Here are a few of the ways in which an expert wiring provider can adapt to your current production line and provide you with everything you need.

Dedicated Account Manager – For starters, when working with a manufacturer you will be provided with an account manager, or even a management team, that will help guide the process. They will analyze your current systems, and make suggestions for how best they can provide parts to your assembly line when you need them. This also gives you a continuous point of contact if you have questions.

Customized Inventory Management – The best manufacturers offer a web-based order management system, allowing you to place orders when you need them, or potentially put in automatic triggers for re-orders. Instead of calling up the supplier to order more wire harnesses every time you run low, the system notices the low inventory and automatically submits the order.

Custom Delivery – Many electronics companies have several production facilities, and may order wiring products for all of them, in this case they often need deliveries to be spread out across each facility. With the right manufacturer, this is no problem. You can get orders of any size you like, where you need it. As an added benefit, since wiring products are custom packaged and ready-to-install, theft is extremely unlikely. Most modern manufacturers are capable of delivering product domestically or internationally.

Custom Labeling – Another benefit of partnering with a custom cable provider is the ease with which their products can be identified and assembled into your product. One way this is made easier is the use of custom labeling to help your technicians immediately identify the correct wires, their terminals, and where they need to be connected within your device.

Staging and Prep Services – Additionally, many manufacturers will over staging and prep services on each order. Essentially this means that the product arrives at your floor ready to go into the product. It has been tested for functionality and ease of installation, is labeled appropriately, and has as few barriers as possible to rapid installation.


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