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Understanding the Uses and Impact of an eLearning Portal in a Corporate Organization

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Due to the pandemic, virtual learning or eLearning has gained immense popularity in the contemporary business sector. Many organizations specializing in training and research provide eLearning modules to corporate organizations to help them continuously adapt to change. An eLearning portal is an interactive and customizable according to the needs of the individual. It provides experiences that are unique to a person and can help them enhance a particular aspect of their personality.       

Defining an eLearning Portal

According to Mistry et al. (2012), the concept of e-learning can be described based on connectivity and functionality. E-learning is a learning technology that focuses on providing a connection through knowledge that is delivered and received by an individual mainly with the help of the internet, and extranets or the web. E-learning is also a network that can constantly update itself and store information. 
An E-learning portal can distribute information among various participants and provide instructions. An electronic portal is not affected by location as it can be used from any remote location and provide access to knowledge through the internet. The Portal will combine traditional knowledge-based learning with electronic systems and models to impart education to many people within the same time limit. Many companies provide e-learning platforms to organizations around the world. Companies also offer a portal where individuals can interact with content, learn, and train through the system. The E-learning portal helps provide different learning styles to participants. It is not time-bound, and each participant can take their time and comfort to learn and train. The flexibility offered by e-learning systems mainly comes in handy while educating an extensive array of people who might have different styles of learning and accepting knowledge.      

Importance of an Online eLearning Portal 

In today's world, given the restrictions on mobility, e-learning portals are essential to provide education to people placed in remote areas. Although this is not the only importance of an online e-learning portal. The following are some of the uses of an e-learning platform-
  1. Accessibility – The fact that an individual can access information through the internet from anywhere in the world and at any time provides specific stability. In a corporate world, it is not possible to always provide time for personal development. Therefore, people must do this in their own time and comfort zone. An e-learning portal provides stability to an individual where they can access knowledge and interact with industry experts to gain experience and training in the field.
  2. Growth in career from home – The primary importance of an electronic portal is its ability to help individuals grow their careers by just sitting at home. It offers an array of information and learning systems that can be focused on individual needs and requirements. If a person is looking to change their career and take up a new role, they could easily find information online and take up a course or training just by sitting at home through an online eLearning portal.
  3. Need for an Online eLearning Portal in the Workplace – A continuously learning atmosphere in a corporate organization can increase productivity and inclusivity. Knowledge gained can always come to use immediately or in the future. This is where the importance of an e-learning portal mainly lies in the corporate sector.

  4. Learn to grow – Some of the most well-known corporations always provide a learning environment that helps individual workers to grow in their careers. E-learning portals enable employees to learn and be more productive. Most of our work is concentrated mainly on utilizing electronic systems through the computer. Employees who take up e-learning also understand that the plans provide more information and content than traditional learning systems. Therefore, there is a continuous culture of information dissemination and, in turn, growth.
  5. Cost-effective and takes less time – It is all about saving money and time in a corporate organization. Providing training through e-learning portals or interacting through these portals will save time and emerge as an affordable option. It is easier for employees to log onto their computers than to go and travel to another destination to gain knowledge or information.
  6. Improvement of performance – One of the main benefits of e-learning portals is the increase in the performance of employees. Employees learn at their own pace by understanding what is expected of them through these e-learning portals. They know the need for strategies, innovations, and procedures in the work environment. Instant communication increases productivity and decreases misunderstandings at work. In this regard, an online e-learning portal also increases the individual's retention as they communicate with their peers and engage in healthy conversations related to the content.
  7. Enhance skills – Online e-learning portals provide a system where individuals can increase their skills and capabilities. They have access to several materials and instructors who can impart knowledge on different skills and topics. There are also places where individuals can get certification after completing a course which will help them improve their CV and attract new employers. 


eLearning portals are essential in today's highly competitive corporate world. These portals are cost-effective and save time as employees do not have to travel long distances to attend a training program. Every organization must choose an appropriate research-based e-learning portal that provides several training courses and content to individual employees.


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