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In some societies, women are still discriminated. They are not given equal rights. Women are still paid less, have no education, and are expected to cook and clean. They are still not allowed to study or work far from their homes because many think women are weaker than men. Not only this, but women face violence, abuse, physical and emotional harassment that is not acceptable in any condition. It is a time where women's empowerment is really needed in societies. It is crucial for women's self-worth and also for societies to prosper.

Women empowerment is all about giving and protecting their rights. To give women the equal right of education, society, safety, and living. They have the right to freely choose their religion, language, work, and career choice. With lots of issues women face each day, empowerment can help in reducing them and give value to women. They will no longer be sexually, emotionally, and physically abused.

Today, women's empowerment and promotion of their rights have emerged as a part of major global movements and continue to break stereotypes. Women have started helping other women and boosting each other self-confidence by standing up for equality. Here is the example of a woman who has spoken about women's rights and what challenges women faced:

Yasmin Ghafoor, the author of the autobiography ‘The Untold Story of Yasmin Ghafoor.' In her book, she explains why women must get equal rights that give them the power to speak and to lead a life confidently. Read her book and learn how she overcame all the hardships she faced in her life.

How can you empower a girl and future asset? Educate yourself and your daughter about issues that affect girls. Stand with each other, raise a voice against violence, and invest in women's education. 



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