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Dominating the marketplace in today’s era of digitization is not an easy game. The pace of technological innovations is running at an exponentially increasing rate. It leads many businesses to experiment with new strategies and follow technology trends to stay ahead of the pack. When discussing technology trends, the MEAN stack topic always gains everyone’s interest nowadays. The way it empowers businesses, facilitating the swift and most effective mobile/ web app development, no doubt MEAN stack development is going to top the chart in the coming years. But why are tech-savvies across the globe showing high interest in it? How does this technology unlock the true potential of businesses? And there is no end to questions related to this topic. Right? 

This blog has covered everything you need to know about the MEAN stack. We have highlighted the less celebrated perks of choosing this standardized software stack for mobile/ web app development. 

But before we dig into the concept, let’s start with discussing what MEAN stack is. 

MEAN Stack- Most Popular Tech Stack

MEAN stack is a collection of full-stack JavaScript frameworks that helps developers to build user-friendly dynamic applications.

MEAN stack stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

  • MongoDB – A database management system used in MEAN stack
  • ExpressJS – A popular framework to host and assist NodeJS projects
  • AngularJS – An open-source framework that handles frontend development for interactive web pages development
  • NodeJS – Ensures high-end backend services and enhances the application performance by 50%.

Highlights of MEAN Stack Features

  • It’s an open-source technology stack
  • It’s a well-organized and fast-paced 
  • This stack uses JavaScript programming language.
  • This stack can be used to create web applications as well as mobile applications. 

8 Ways MEAN Stack Can Empower Your Business

The following points will highlight how this technology stack can help your business surge ahead of the competition. 

1. Saves Money

Whether you’re a new player in the market or an experienced one, everyone looks for a way to save more. MEAN stack is the cost-effective technology stack you can choose to develop web/ mobile apps. The best part about the MEAN stack is that it is an open-source and JavaScript-based technology that allows developers to build web apps and websites without building them from scratch. In simple words, it is readily available in the tech world. So, businesses don’t have to invest a lot of time, effort, money, and resources to hire MEAN stack developers for web and app solution development.  

2. Ensures Speedy App Development

Do you know the major challenge businesses face while developing apps? The stress to market their product makes them think over the technology they are currently using and switch to the MEAN stack. But why choose MEAN stack when there are innumerable options out there? 

MEAN stack uses JavaScript programming language as their base language that facilitates writing, testing the code, and launching the final product in the market. And when the journey to coding the app has become so easy for developers, there is no doubt that the web app will develop faster. If you ask us, the MEAN stack is the ideal choice for businesses that strive for speedy app development. 

3. Builds Scalable App Solutions

MEAN stack gives you the advantage of building a highly scalable app solution to take your business to the next level. MEAN stack is a highly scalable technology in which all full-stack JavaScript frameworks, including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS work together to create apps and handle a large amount of traffic and data with complete ease. Such an ability to handle innumerable data and traffic makes this stack technology the ultimate choice for businesses who want an app to escalate the growth. 

4. Excellent Choice for Small Businesses

For medium and small-size businesses, the MEAN stack is considered the pre-eminent, and cost-effective. Besides, it is also open-source that allows anyone to create their own apps and software. It is free to download and use, making it a perfect pick for small and medium-sized businesses that have limited budgets. But when it comes to large-scale application development, we won’t recommend you go for this technology stack as it can’t provide the seamless experience they expect. 

5. Helps Reach a Wider Audience

MEAN stack is a versatile platform that can be used to create web and mobile applications. And we are all better aware of the fact what a great medium websites and apps are to reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and generate revenues. This technology stack can boost your business growth if done by a MEAN stack developer with relevant industry experience. 

6. Protects from Virus and Malware Threats.

The epitome of DevOps, the MEAN stack forbids insecure development practices. It is considered a very secure platform that fulfills one more business objective- protecting data and applications from viruses, malware threats, or hacker activities. This stack incorporates the security features, including encryption, authentication, and authorization systems that work best in keeping your information safe from intruder attacks. It offers sufficient control to a developer that ensures security at every stage of development. 

7. Takes Faster Time to Market

Today, most developers opt for the MEAN stack to achieve better and streamlined results during web or app development. But there’s one more reason why businesses are showing more importance to this technology than others. 

A MEAN stack-based web app has a codebase written in JavaScript. Even the functionality written for MEAN stack components, including NodeJS and ExpressJS, needs little or no change for the results. The same team of MEAN stack developers can handle different parts of development, ranging from server configuration to database utilization. Not only this, but they can also find out the voids between the components without collaborating with other team members or hiring a professional for that particular technology. Speaking precisely, it saves your time and resources.  

From the development to testing, debugging to the launching of an app, MEAN stack takes far less time to market your product, and this is what businesses are looking for.

8. Builds High-Performance Business Applications 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, every business wants a high-performance app to entertain existing ones and say hi to new customers in the market. MEAN stack helps businesses to achieve this objective, building a high-performance PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and SPAs (Single Page Applications.) MEAN stack-based PWA solution can work offline and doesn’t need to update for server requests. It only updates a part of the UI and eliminates the need to reload the digital product. So, when MEAN stack solutions offer such a level of ease, you must choose this platform. 


The way new technologies like MEAN stack are blossoming in the tech world, more and more opportunities businesses can take advantage of to dominate the marketplace. MEAN stack development is indeed an innovative step towards your business success and the above-listed points are the answer to why. 

So, if the points mentioned above inspire you to take a foot forward to MEAN stack development, hire an expert to get the job done efficiently. 75way is a reliable MEAN stack development company you can partner with to enjoy desired outcomes. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our MEAN stack development page to learn more about our services. 



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