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Salesforce continues to evolve, adding new capabilities to its diverse ecosystem. From being an automated sales-specific solution years ago, it has transformed into a feature-rich, fully customizable SaaS platform capable of everything from sales, marketing, service, to inventory management.

Despite its vast features and capabilities, many organizations complain of low ROI with Salesforce. Some of the prominent reasons for a substandard CRM performance could be lack of ongoing support, substandard implementation, or increasing operational costs.

Collaborating with a Salesforce consulting partner can help firms overcome possible system issues and achieve optimum success. Salesforce consultants analyze organizational challenges and provide end-to-end design/development services along with ongoing support for system maintenance so that you can better cope up with changing business needs. 

Depending on your needs, you can hire suitable administrators, developers, and tech architects at flexible cost models. To understand how hiring a consultant would be helpful in enhancing Salesforce efficiency, have a look at the points below:

  1. Analysis of Business Requirements

Salesforce consultants assist organizations in everything – from app development and implementation to ensure periodic maintenance. Before beginning any major activity, they do a thorough analysis of the business, its scope, workflow, challenges, design needs, and expected goals. Based on requirement analysis, a consultant devises an implementation strategy that helps firms achieve their Salesforce goals in a minimum timeframe and investment.

2. Assessing Success and Failure of Implementation

Every business that implements Salesforce has certain targets and goals. Since not all goals are achieved in a given timeframe, there is a need for periodic assessment. Salesforce consulting services professionals assess the success and failure of past implementations and suggest changes so that the complete goals could be met. A consultant analyzes workflows, processes, integrations, data accessibility, app design, app layouts, APIs, and conducts an audit to make a concrete assessment of the system.

3. Align Strategy As Per Business Goals

The goals and vision of organizations change with time which is why a platform like Salesforce should be periodically customized. A business that earlier implemented a service cloud may need to integrate an AI chatbot to deal with increasing customer requests. Similarly, there may be a need for developing a custom app or integrating a third-party app for the sales team. Depending on previous results, you can discuss the new set of goals with your Salesforce consulting company to help them prepare a well-planned and customized layout to carry out various changes in the system.

4. Help You Develop and Innovate

Salesforce requires ongoing support and periodic customization in the form of updates, integrations, app development, and frequent system audits. With consultants alongside, firms do not need to worry about pending updates or much-needed app modifications. Salesforce professionals monitor business needs, loopholes in the system, and accordingly implement the best solutions. With the new Salesforce1 Platform, it is much easier for developers to build custom mobile-ready applications for specific business operations (Finance, Insurance, E-commerce, etc.).

5. Quick Access to Salesforce Experts

After CRM implementation, a business requires the services of admins, developers, and analysts. While admins can be hired on a fixed/full-time basis, developers and consultants are hired periodically or as per the project requirement. Partnering with Salesforce consulting companies gives firms easy access to resources that can be aligned to their projects on an immediate basis. Be it any critical update, maintenance/audit tasks, or the much-needed app modification, Salesforce consulting partners are able to provide the right support in a short timeframe. This quick and easy access helps in shortening the support cycle, adding to the productivity of the workforce.

The Bottomline

From maintenance to innovation, the role of a consultant is pivotal for a business and should not be ignored. By hiring certified consultants, firms can align the right resources with in-house teams and optimize Salesforce in the best possible way. Since Salesforce consulting partners have a deep understanding of the platform and know when, how, and where to use a particular solution, aligning them in your team will certainly help in achieving desired results.



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