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Are looking to buy wireless speakers in Ghana? Then look no further. In this blog, we will delve into the world of wireless speakers and know where to buy these speakers and what are the features that make a wireless speaker good and also introduce you to the company that stands out the most in the market. 


  • Local electronic stores: these stores offer a variety of speakers from different brands, models, and price ranges. This makes it easy to compare and contrast the options and choose the perfect wireless speaker for you. 
  • Online stores: e-commerce has been one of the most popular ways to buy things and it is the same for speakers. Platforms like Amazon, iPlayKora, etc. offer speakers to you in the comforts of your home. 
  • Second-hand market: if you are a little tight on the budget then, this market would be a good option for you, just make sure to check the quality of the product and see if it's worth buying. 


Music is supposed to be enjoyed and for that having a good speaker is crucial:

  • Sound quality: look for wireless speakers that offer clear and loud sounds, because the primary function of a speaker is to provide high-quality sounds, and try not to compromise on this feature.
  • Battery life: wireless speakers are usually used outdoors for their portability, and battery life is an important feature in this case. Look for wireless speakers that offer long battery life, so you can enjoy your music without any frequent charging breaks.
  • Connectivity: ensure that the wireless speaker is compatible with your device, and has a reliable and fast connectivity feature. 
  • Waterproof: since the wireless speaker will be used outdoors, keep in the possibility of it being exposed to rain. So having a waterproof speaker will not allow the rain to ruin your fun. 
  • Portability: this depends on the type of use you have for the wireless speaker. If you want it more for outdoor use then having a compact and light device that is easy to carry is preferable. 

With having these basic features to look for in a speaker in mind you can easily grab yourself a pretty good speaker for yourself. However, if it is still hard for you to buy wireless speakers in Ghana, then let us take the liberty and introduce you to the best speaker in Ghana. 

Introducing Stud 100 by iPlayKora.


  • Stud 100 comes with an impedance of 4 ohms, a speaker sensitivity of 80dB+/-3dB, and a powerful 50 mm driver. That makes sure you receive the best quality and balanced audio. 
  • It comes with a battery capacity of 1500mAh, which offers a continuous playtime of 7 hours. And when the juices do run out, just a charge time of 4 hours will fill it to the brim. 
  • Stud 100 allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere. With multiple ways of connecting either through a TF card, aux cable, or Bluetooth. It also comes with Bluetooth v5.0 which ensures fast connection with clear audio. 
  • From heavy splashes to drizzles, Stud 100 can handle them all. With the IPx7 water resistance. 


Music is always an important part of any event whether you are partying with your friends and family or having fun, and to enjoy it to the fullest having a good speaker is always important, and if you want to buy wireless speakers in Ghana, then Stud 100 by iPlayKora is your best option. 

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