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Unprotected Eyes From Summer UV Rays Will Destroy Your Eyes

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The sun — we adore it and look forward to seeing it in the spring and after a stretch of cloudy days. Like all things, moderation is vital. Sunlight provides a good source of vitamin D, but too much sun can cause your skin to burn. Your eyes can survive some time in the sun without sunglasses, although too much of the sun’s UV radiation has harmful effects on your eyes and vision, potentially inflicting short-term and long-term damage. Sunlight is made up of two types of damaging radiation: long-wave ultraviolet A (UV-A) and short-wave ultraviolet B (UV-B). The quantity of pigment in our skin and eyes influences the amount of natural protection we have. This is why ordering a good pair of sunglasses online in Sri Lanka is so important.


Effects of High UV Radiation on Unprotected Eyes.

A sunburn of the eye known as photokeratitis, or ultraviolet keratitis, may occur if your unprotected eyes are exposed to high UV radiation over a brief period of time. Photokeratitis can also be brought on by artificial sources such as a laser, tanning bed, or welder's arc. Sunburns can be unpleasant, yet they are typically only temporary, depending on how bad they are. Dryness, inflammation, a gritty sensation in the eyes, and increased sensitivity to light are possible side effects. If exposure to UV rays was restricted to the cornea, the front section of the eye, the symptoms would hardly ever result in permanent harm.


Chronic eye conditions are caused by long-term UV exposure.

Your eyes become more susceptible over time to chronic problems like early macular degeneration and premature cataracts from too much unprotected sun exposure. Free radicals are a natural result of ageing as well as exposure to the environment and are constantly generated in the body. We have some influence over how we are exposed to the environment, but it is nearly impossible to completely avoid all of the chemicals we consume and breathe in.

Avoiding all exposure to free radicals will help lower your chance of developing macular degeneration and other eye problems. You should also wear sunglasses that filter UV and blue light, eat a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, and prevent any exposure at all.


Healthy skin and eyes are always in fashion.

Long-term and short-term eyesight protection, as well as protection for your eyelids and the skin around your eyes, are all benefits of wearing sunglasses. Squamous cell and basal cell malignancies are more common in skin that has been sunburned. Additionally, UV-A rays contribute to wrinkle formation, giving you yet another incentive to shield the area around your eyes.


Recall that appearances are not everything. This summer, finding the finest sunglasses is more vital than simply purchasing stylish men’s and women’s sunglasses in Sri Lanka. Good vision is always in vogue. A nice pair of women’s or men’s sunglasses in Sri Lanka not only looks wonderful on you but also safeguards one of your most valuable abilities: vision.


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