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Unravelling the Mystery: Why Are Alphonso Mangoes So Costly?

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Mango enthusiasts eagerly await Alphonso mango season’s arrival every year. Renowned as the “King of Mangoes,” Alphonso mangoes have smooth texture, unparalleled sweetness, and captivating aroma. But this extraordinary flavour comes with a high price tag compared to other mango varieties. That’s why many people are left to wonder: why are Alphonso mangoes so costly? In this blog, we’ll throw light on the factors that make this delicious mango variety highly priced.

  • Limited Availability: Alphonso mangoes grow widely along the coast of western Indian regions, particularly in Maharashtra. Due to their limited geographical availability, Alphonso is costlier compared to other mango cultivars grown in other widely distributed regions. Another reason for their scarcity is the limited duration of Alphonso mango season, which typically lasts from March to June. Plus, the limited supply and high demand of consumers add up to its cost.
  • Need Careful Harvesting and Handling: Alphonso mangoes are highly sensitive, so they need careful harvesting and handling to avoid any damage. So, farmers have to work meticulously to maintain the quality of these mangoes. Even for harvesting, they need to check precise ripeness to achieve the best texture and flavour. Furthermore, post-harvest management techniques for these mangoes include careful packing, grading, and sorting. All these are vital for preserving the freshness of the fruit during storage and transit. The expense of harvesting and delivery increases due to the painstaking attention to detail that goes into handling these mangoes.
  • Labour-Intensive Cultivation: The cultivation of Alphonso needs careful attention – from planting to harvesting and even during maintenance, as mentioned before. To create the best growth circumstances, farmers need to spend a lot of time and energy on preparing soil, irrigation, pruning, and pest control. To boast the quality and yield, farmers often use hand pollination techniques. This further increases production expenses even more.
  • Certification and Quality Control: To preserve the superior quality of Alphonso mangoes, cultivators must adhere to high-quality standards and strict certifications. Farmers need to follow organic agriculture procedures to attain certificates that denote outstanding authenticity and quality. They even have to follow specific requirements for optimal crop growth. Besides adding to farmers’ costs, such certificates provide peace of mind to buyers about the fruit’s calibre and authenticity. Consequently, the market price of Alphonso mangoes is higher due to the expense of quality verification procedures and certifications.

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Several reasons, such as their limited availability, labour-intensive farming, the need for careful harvesting and handling, and quality assurance procedures, contribute to the high price of Alphonso mangoes. Mango lovers all around the world are enthralled with Alphonso mangoes because of their unmatched taste and sensory experience, which makes them an expensive treat that is best enjoyed in the short mango season.


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