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Knowingness is that sense that you cannot describe.   10 Minute Awakening Review   You either know it or you do not. Having trust in yourself is one thing. Having trust in unseen helpers is another. When you really want something in your life you can have it.

Amazingly, most people do not seem to know what they want, so they have not built that knowingness. The first step is knowing and deciding what you want. It is amazing how difficult this can be. Just for a moment think, about what it is that you really want in your life. Do not be concerned with How you get it, just focus on the What. As you become clear on the What, write it down. Brian Tracy, author of the book “Goal Setting”, says that until you write down your dream, that is all it will be. 

As you write it down you then get the goal working. All your senses are involved. Brian tells how many people achieve their goals once they have written them down, even though they never look at the goals again. Why is this so? Energy vibrates through everything. The pen you are holding, the paper you are writing on, the computer you are reading from, all have energy vibrating through them. Even though you cannot see it, you can measure it and see its impact. So you become aware of something that is unseen.



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