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Unveiling the Secrets of Happiness: Celebrating Every Day with 38 Hertz

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Welcome to 38 Hertz, a blog that revolves around the art of happiness and celebration. In this digital age where life can often feel fast-paced and overwhelming, it's crucial to find moments of joy and to cherish every day. Founded by Debbie Schwarm, 38 Hertz is a haven of positivity, designed to help you explore ways to embrace happiness in your daily life. In this guest post, we'll dive into the essence of 38 Hertz, its journey, and how you can find things to make you happy every day, in celebration of life's little moments.

The Heartbeat of 38 Hertz

Discovering the Blogosphere of Happiness

38 Hertz began as a vision to spread happiness and positivity through an online medium. With the motto that “38 Hertz is the brainwave frequency of happiness,” this blog aims to help individuals find their path to happiness, irrespective of the hurdles they might face. Over the past year, 38 Hertz has evolved into a comprehensive resource for happiness seekers.

The 38 Hertz Journey

Debbie Schwarm embarked on this journey with a mission to make the world a happier place. The blog started with around 10 posts on general happiness, but it didn't stop there. As a subset of the initial concept, Debbie dedicated the past year to build something extraordinary – a Zazzle Store.

Celebrate with 38 Hertz

Navigating the 38 Hertz Zazzle Store

The 38 Hertz Zazzle Store is a treasure trove of celebratory items, all designed to make your days brighter. Explore the store and find a wide range of products that can add a touch of happiness to your life.

The 2024 Celebration Book

One of the highlights of 38 Hertz is the 2024 Celebration Book, a masterpiece created to infuse joy and celebration into your daily routine. You can purchase this inspiring book here. But if you'd like to take a sneak peek, you can also see/download the book here without any charge. Link to Download Free Book!

The Connection to the Blog

Each page within the Celebration Book corresponds to a page on the 38 Hertz website. While these pages are indeed published, they aren't currently attached to the website's main menu. This strategy was adopted to encourage book sales, but there may be more effective ways to utilize these pages. Should they be indexed and searchable for a more user-friendly experience? You can provide your insights into this approach.

Spreading Happiness through Amazon

You'll also find links to Amazon products on most pages of the 38 Hertz blog. Debbie is an Amazon Affiliate, and while the links are there, sales through these links have been minimal. Perhaps your expertise can suggest strategies to enhance the monetization of the blog in this aspect.

Finding Things to Make You Happy

Key Focus: Find Things to Make You Happy

The essence of 38 Hertz is to help individuals find happiness in their daily lives. Let's explore the essential topics that revolve around this mission.

Celebrate Every Day

Every day offers a unique opportunity to celebrate life. Discover the secrets to marking special moments and cherishing the ordinary.

Holidays and Celebrations

What would a celebration be without holidays? Uncover ways to make every holiday season a source of boundless joy and festivities.

The Science of Happiness

Dive deep into the science of happiness, and understand how 38 Hertz is closely associated with the brainwave frequency of happiness.


Happiness is a universal quest, and 38 Hertz is here to guide you on this delightful journey. Debbie Schwarm's vision of spreading joy and celebration is realized through her blog and the remarkable 2024 Celebration Book. We hope this guest post has provided valuable insights into the world of 38 Hertz and how it can help you find things to make you happy every day. Feel free to explore the blog, the Zazzle Store, and the Celebration Book, and embark on your path to happiness with 38 Hertz.

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