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The chaotic energy in the body has just broken through to a high level. Now Huayun's chaotic energy is more than ten times stronger than before. Although the body strength has not yet broken through to the spiritual level, but that increase of ten times the chaotic energy, has made Huayun very satisfied. What's more, with the increase of chaotic energy, the resistance to soul energy has improved a lot. This phenomenon was discovered by Hua Yun after he was hit by Lebi's soul. Chaotic energy can withstand the attack of the soul. Boom! Hua Yun punched the wall of the room, and as the chaotic energy exploded, the whole wall was completely dented by about one meter. Looking at the wall about one meter, Hua Yun exhaled with satisfaction. In the past, I could only hit one point of the dent, but now I can hit one meter, which is almost the same. Now, Hua Yun is more confident in the face of the trials on the birthday of the Hundred Clan Gods. In the other room. Roosevelt, the Duke of Thunder, who was on retreat, suddenly opened his eyes because he felt a powerful wave of energy. Uh? What a weird power swing. Who attacked Sky City? Hiss. It seems that this man's strength is no less than mine. Go and see. I don't know who this man is. Roosevelt, the Duke of Thunder, disappeared into the room. In the sanctum of the new Montreal Sky City. “Thepega was teaching the Naga Five Sisters how to practice, when suddenly he noticed a wave of energy, and the Naga Five Sisters stopped.” Uh? Did someone attack the new Montreal Sky City? It seems to come from the location of Huayun Brothers'room. Not good! Such a strong and eerie energy attack, this will not be the master of the spirit level to come. “” Thinking of this,nail manufacturing machine, Debija waved to the five Naga sisters, “Go!”! Someone is attacking the new Montreal Sky City. Go to protect the Huayun brothers. “Yes!” The five Naga sisters hastened to keep up with Thepega. The three exercises run crazily, removing some impurities from Huayun's body, and the skin is covered with sweat like black mud. Smelling his body, Hua Yun shook his head, and the sweat on his body was full of stench. Go and wash it first. Hua Yun stretched and got up from the ground. Just as Hua Yun was about to enter the washing room to wash, suddenly there was a bang at the door. The door burst open, and Debija rushed in first, followed by the five Naga sisters. After the Naga five sisters, it was the Duke of Thunder, Roosevelt, Nail Making Machine price ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and even Roddy and O'Brandy who rushed into the room. Everyone's face was more or less alert, as if facing a formidable enemy. Anya had already entered the room and searched the room secretly. Hua Yun was slightly stupefied at the sight of such an expression. “Where is the man?” Asked Debekah to Huayun. “Who?” Hua Yun was at a loss. Adult! We felt a very strong energy wave in your room, fearing that the master of the spiritual order would attack, so we came to have a look. Roddy then explained Hua Yun's words. Hua Yun immediately understood and said to the crowd with a smile, “Ha ha!”! You're making a fuss. There's no one there. I just broke through, so I tested my power. You.. Breakthrough? Roddy and others looked at Hua Yun with some surprise. The Duke of Thunder moved his eyes to Huayun and swept behind Huayun. His eyes were full of surprise. Have you reached the level of spirit? Spirit God rank is a great threshold for any master at the peak of the true God rank. Many masters at the peak of the true God rank often stay at this stage. You know, the higher the strength, the more difficult it is to improve. As far as the Duke of Thunder and Devil Roosevelt knows, the shortest time it takes to break through from the peak of the true God level to the master of the spiritual God level is 300 years. And Hua Yun? It took less than ten years. After less than ten years of practice, he broke through to the peak of the spiritual level. Not to mention the sub-divine world, there is no such person even in purgatory. Ha ha ha Brother Huayun! Have you really reached the level of spirit? Di Bijia patted Hua Yun on the shoulder happily. Roddy and others also looked delighted. For them, the stronger Huayun is, the more secure the new Montreal Sky City will be. Anya, standing aside, also showed a rare “No!”! My strength is still at the peak of the true God. Hua Yun shook his head. The order of spirits is a great threshold. Hua Yun knows better than anyone whether he has reached the order of spirits or not. It hasn't happened yet. Lord Roosevelt of Thunder sighed. At the same time, the jealous eyes were slightly reduced. If Hua Yun really breaks through to the spiritual level in ten years, it really won't let people live. Roddy and others felt a little lost, but they still cast encouraging eyes on Hua Yun. I thought you had broken through to the spiritual level. Di Bijia was a little disappointed, but he patted Hua Yun on the shoulder and said, “Hehe!”! Don't worry too much! How many years have you been practicing. I can't break through now, but I'm sure I can break through later, so that some people won't be jealous. With that, he curled his lips at the Duke of Thunder Roosevelt. Hum Roosevelt, the Duke of Thunder, snorted and turned his back on Thepega. Although I have not broken through to the spirit level, but I believe that even if I meet the spirit level master, I am sure I can fight against it. Hua Yun smiled. When they heard Hua Yun's words, they looked at Hua Yun with some surprise. Roddy and others with Hua Yun is not a day or two, with their understanding of Hua Yun. Hua Yun will not say things all over the place when he is not sure. The peak of the true God order, the master who can fight against the spirit order. Debija's eyes lit up and he exulted, “That's great!”! Let the undead be surprised this time. In a twinkling of an eye, three days passed quickly. In order to avoid being attacked by others during this period, Hua Yun and others have been staying in the new Montreal Sky City. In Kasyapa Sky City on the birthday of God, human beings and all kinds of races gather together,wire nail machine manufacturers, and all kinds of Hawking and noise are constantly coming out, which makes it very lively. On the street, the corridor leading to the central square of Sky City is lined with teams of armored guards. Adult! I've already signed up. 。 3shardware.com


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