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Upgrade Your Websites Landing Page User Experience & Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Today, a website is considered the most powerful asset for marketing. It is a 24×7 open shop where you are selling your products or services. Having a perfectly designed website means you have tackled the problems that your targeted audience might encounter. Since the digital market keeps on changing, it requires an upgraded landing page user experience for the website ever so often.

Here, we are listing some tips for the upgraded user experience of your website. You can also redesign the website entirely by getting help from a Pune digital marketing company for an expert upgrade.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User experience is all about having a better understanding of the user. It is all about what they value, what they need, and their limitations. In short, its about making the visitors experience more valuable and meaningful.

The ideal landing page user experience will follow these general rules:

● The user would visit your website.

● The user will go through different pages.

● They will understand what the website is about,

● Lastly, they get what they want.

You get what you want during this entire process – better conversion rates.

Tips to Upgrade Your Websites Landing Page User Experience

Optimizing the website has no limitations, but a few tips to upgrade the landing page user experience are good. Since the user is on your website with a mission, an optimized user experience will ensure that it is accomplished most easily. This, in turn, will increase the conversion rates of your website.

● White space

As it turns out, white space around the text and titles increases the users attention significantly. It makes the website look crisp, open, and modern. Many companies feel it is unused real estate that can be used to advertise more. But keep in mind the white space around the text makes it look more legible and helps the user to focus better. The key is to find a balance where you use the white space intelligently without missing out on important information.

● Optimize page speed

Nobody likes a slow website, and it is the most frustrating user experience. The short span of waiting will make the user bounce to another website if the page loading time is slow. One of the easier ways to increase the speed is by compressing the images before you load them on your website.

Image file size is one of the leading causes for the slow loading of a website. You can use compressor.io to compress the images and help speed up your webpage.

● Hyperlink focus

The user should be able to identify the links on your website with easy visual cues. Simple tricks like underlined text and different coloured text catch the eye and let the user know to click on it. Sticking to tried and tested conventions like the use of blue and underlined text is a sure-shot way for a good user experience.

For example, click here to find a suitable website design company in Pune, or visit us to find the best website design and development company in Pune. The length of your hyperlink also matters as longer hyperlinks are easy to identify. See what we did there.

Knowing the requirements of a targeted audience and working through them is essential for a better user experience for your business. Following these neat tricks and upgrading the website according to changing digital trends can help increase your conversion rate.

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