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 Upper Back and Shoulder Pain

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Sore Shoulders and Headaches Due to Poor Posture

Headaches caused by tension in the neck and/or specific neck discomfort are among the most common presentations we meet in clinical practice. Poor posture, prolonged sitting, and a lack of strength and stability in the upper back muscles are common causes of this stiffness or soreness.

What causes aching shoulders and throbbing headaches?

When we talk about upper cross syndrome or pain in our shoulders and headaches, we need to take a closer look at what's causing it and why it's so agonizing.

If you're experiencing shoulder pain, you may have a problem with your posture, which can be caused by a variety of factors, including bad lifting skills, misfiring muscles, and more.

When the upper part of the body is out of alignment, it can lead to a variety of health problems. Headaches and migraines, shortness of breath due to shallow breathing, stiff or aching necks and shoulders, and other back problems, as well as a reduced range of motion, are all possible symptoms.

As well as affecting other parts of the body, upper cross syndrome that has persisted for an extended period of time may also be associated with lower cross syndrome.

In what ways can you tell if you have it, and how can you go about finding out?

Some of us may suffer from upper cross syndrome, a postural deviation (incorrect posture). If you don't adjust your posture, it could lead to major problems in the future.

In other words, your back and shoulders are rounded, and your head is tilted forward as a result of your bad posture. Other constructions above and below it will go out of alignment as a result of this misalignment.

This postural misalignment occurs for a variety of reasons.

Our posture is influenced by a variety of factors, including our way of life, our job, and our daily routines. You may have upper cross syndrome if you are constantly slouching and lowering your shoulders.

Do not deliberately modify your posture for the first 2-5 minutes after standing; instead, stand as you normally would. The middle of your shoulder and the back of your ear should be in line.

Why is this causing so many issues?

What if I told you that your brain is as heavy as a bowling ball? What if your forearm is vertical and you carry an 8kg bowling ball in one hand? In spite of the weight, the weight is distributed equally in your arm.

When you bend your arm at a 45-degree angle, the muscles in your forearms have to work overtime to keep the ball in place. When you tilt your head forward, this is what happens to your neck…


As a result of the pec muscles tightening up as the shoulders sag forward, the shoulder muscles weaken and eventually give way.

The muscles that work so hard to maintain the alignment of these structures end up being distorted themselves. Shoulders round and the head is tilted forward when you don't improve your posture, leading to hyperextension of the shoulders.

What can we do to undo this and make things right?

With our muscle mechanics expertise, we are here to help you live your best life, which includes being free of pain!

It is our goal to help you relax, stretch, strengthen, and massage your problematic regions while also taking into account how we might start a snowball effect toward a better and more functioning living.

In what time frame could I expect it?

Even if we're the best, we can't undo 10 years of bad posture in a single session. You'll require a lot of hard work at the beginning, but once you get it moving, we can work on a maintenance schedule.

Your outcomes will be faster and remain longer without therapy if you make more lifestyle adjustments! Muscles begin to strengthen and support the correct posture if you make the effort to bring your shoulders back consciously.




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