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When hiring time in an organization, the team hunts for the right candidate for the correct position. This process needs to be useful, keeping in mind the cost and time, amongst other factors. When the best-suited candidate resides far away, it may involve a considerable cost to have a personal interview process. However, with the growth of technology, this process can be done online effectively. 

Assessment of acquired skills and core traits plays a very important role in the pre-employment process of an organization. 

Core traits include personality traits, behavioral traits, and cognitive ability. Acquired skills include Domain skills, Coding skills, and communication skills. 

The various tools required to employ and retain the best candidates are available online. Industries like employment agencies, retail, technology, government, call centers, manufacturing, and many more can use these tools. The customized employment tests help to skim the best candidates and also remove the incompetent ones. The on-the-job simulations also help in identifying the worthy candidates for the position. 

Employment test online is popular these days as organizations want to cut down on travel and infrastructure cost. With such online tools, the hiring process becomes less tiring. This minimizes the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate in a big way.

The tests take place in a secured environment; hence there is no chance of the process manipulation in any way. This decision is reliable and accurate. This employment test online is beneficial for the organization as well as the candidate in many ways. Some of the tests are language, aptitude, personality tests, among others. 

Why should you opt for an employment test online?

Consider the benefits of using an online pre-employment process.

1- The managers in the organization can make better hiring decisions with a simplified hiring process

2- Reduction in recruiting and hiring cost

3- Behavioral assessments and pre-employment tests help in 70% reduction in cost of hiring and 60% reduction in time taken to hire

4- Video interviews prove to be six times faster than live interviews

5- There is no place for bias as all tests are in the same way

6- There are general tests as well as customized tests as per the requirement of the organization. 

7- Easy setup and integration process

8- The decisions are solely data-driven hence trusted even more than the normal process of hiring

The downside of the current pre-employment process 

1- Lengthy process involving more effort and labor. 

2- The resumes may have exaggeration and lies to impress the employer 

3- Scheduling the face-to-face interviews and phone call with the candidate is challenging

4- A candidate may sound perfect during the interview. However, they may not perform well or even be a bad fit for the organizational culture.

Tips to optimize the use of pre-employment tests:

Pre-employment tests are a boon. However, to use them in the right way is completely dependent on the employer. These tests can prove to be advantageous only when the employer takes care of the following things:

Choose the appropriate candidate tests. Only then can the pre-employment test help you identify the right candidate.

In every country, employment tests are governed by certain laws. Make sure your tests are checked for that.

Make sure the questions in the test are not offensive.

An optimized pre-employment test helps an employer identify the candidate according to a real-work scenario. These tests' main aim is to help employers pick a candidate who is a quick learner and will be more productive.

Some of the pre-employment tests are highly effective and time-saving compared to the lengthy interviews that may risk losing talented candidates. eSkill is known to provide pre-employment tools for employment tests, behavioral assessments, and video interviewing. The customized tests are more accurate and help the hiring team choose the organization's vacant position.

eSkill has a vast library where the tests can be obtained as per the hiring managers' needs. The tests can be customized for each department; namely, sales, leadership, marketing, recruitment, etc., cheat can be detected. With eSkill, you can predict a candidate's performance and know if he is a good fit for the company. You will be happy even to understand how his or her personality will affect the behavior at the workplace. 

eSkill also provides tests in technical and other hard skills. They also offer various assessment-related services like Test Validation, Test Digitization, and Team Scoring. 

eSkill provides premium service in the recruitment process that enables the organization to make a wise decision in hiring the top candidates and weeding out the candidate that doesn’t fit. The tests can be customized for every on-the-job skill. The automated testing process is efficient, and the outcome is unbiased. 

Request for a demo. 

Call eSkill on 866-537-5455 for effective assessment solutions for your recruitment process. 


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