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If you have been using your Android smartphone for a bit longer now, there must have been times when you have faced storage issues on it. Your phone might have been unable to take photos or to install some new apps just because you’re running low on storage. It does not matter if you are using a phone with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128 GB of storage there are always chances that you will start facing storage issues after some time. Just like your laptop, your phone also uses a solid-state drive for storage. To ensure that your phone keeps functioning smoothly without being sluggish, you must make sure that you are not using more than 75% of the total storage otherwise there are high chances that your phone will be working slow at times.

To avoid such situations you must be ready with some tips and tricks which will help you to manage the storage of your phone. You must keep cleaning your device at times and there are certain types of cleaning which we are going to elaborate in this article. Use these steps to keep your phone healthy on storage and improve its performance. After following these steps, there are chances that you will not need to apply one in one out policy to install some new app and you won’t have to face situations where you can’t click the important moments just because you are having low space on your phone. Let’s look at these tips to keep your phone healthy on storage.

Identify the Storage 

The very first step that you have to take to clean your phone is to identify the files which are taking most of the space on your phone. Visit the Settings of your phone and there you will find the storage section. In the storage section, you will be able to know which files are using higher space on your phone. Once identified, you can simply delete the files which are of no use anymore and the files which are useful but are taking up too much space on your phone, you can back up those files in the cloud storage. You will still be having access to backed up files whenever you are connected to the internet but they won’t be taking any space on your phone. 

If the photos and videos are taking much space on your phone then you can backup these files on Google Photos app. You can access photos and videos on Google Photos app whenever you are connected to the internet but they won’t be consuming any space on your phone. 

Free Up Space

There are a lot of files and apps on our phones which are not used for a long time but take up a lot of space on our phone. You can simply start deleting these unnecessary files and apps by going into the settings of your phone and there you will find the Free Up Space option. This option will permanently delete duplicate and junk files from your phone after your permission. When you are attempting storage cleaning, you shouldn’t be afraid if you have already backed up your important photos, videos, and other important stuff. If you are still scared about loosing your important data then you can do this by finding unnecessary files, folders, and apps on your phone and delete them manually. It is always good to start from the Downloads folder because that’s where you store most of the one time usable files from the internet or mails. You should regularly keep visiting the storage section and it will be telling you about the unnecessary files on your phone from time to time. 

Cleaning Apps

The phone is not only about storing photos, videos, music, and important files. We also use several applications on our smartphone and in the process, it stores lots of caches and cookies and the phone storage keeps filling. To take care of the storage on your phone you should be regularly checking the space being taken up by different apps. In the application manager, you can see the space consumed by different apps and you can clear unnecessary data from these apps and also uninstall the ones which are not useful anymore. 

Managing Media

Managing media files on your phone is also important. Keep checking on your phone if you are keeping some outdated movies and videos which you once downloaded but forgot to delete after watching. Also if you are a subscriber to any music service which downloads various songs and podcasts automatically on your phone then you might be wanting to disable it to save space on your phone. 

Factory Reset

If you have been frustrated enough with the storage issues on your phone and its functioning then you might be wanting to try this option. It will clear everything including your photos, videos, files, and settings from your phone in one fell swoop. You should make sure that you back up each and everything from your phone on cloud storage or any other physical storage device before choosing this option because it will make your phone as it was when you bought it first. It will surely make the functioning of your phone faster but the device will be empty. 

These are the tips that you can use to deep clean your Android device and they are going to make your phone function better and smooth. 

source: https://thelistingbay.com/blog/use-these-easy-tips-if-you-are-facing-a-storage-issue-in-your-phone/


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