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Use Wallaby Mylar Bags for Proper Food Storage

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Mylar bags are probably the most innovative food storage tool available on the market. Emergency preparedness experts suggest Mylar storage bags to store all kinds of dry foods for long periods of time.

You might think, why and how is this possible? Is it safe to store food inside a Mylar bag? Are there chances of weather damage? When looking for food storage options online, you may have a lot of questions. But with the help of a reputable and recognized supplier like Wallaby, you can get all of your answers in one place.

First of All: Why Buy Mylar Bags?

Mylar food bags are made of a thick foil laminate layer that blocks the air inside the bag. The material offers an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). This means that the food stored inside the bag isn’t exposed to damaging air which can oxidize the contents. Wallaby provides bags with three layers of protection that can protect the contents from moisture, light, and odor. When used correctly along with oxygen absorbers, food can be stored in Mylar bags for as long as 30 years.

Using the Mylar Bags

Wallaby provides Mylar bags with a usage guide on its website. You can use these guides to find the best food storage method. As a rule, you must remember that foods with high moisture content (greater than 10%) cannot be stored inside a Mylar bag. Additionally, oxygen absorbers shouldn’t be used with food with high moisture content. There are other rules and conditions that you must follow while storing food inside Mylar bags. You can find guides and videos with explanations for the same on the Wallaby website.

Sealing the MylarBag Pouch

To make sure that the process works efficiently, you must make sure that the Mylar bags are sealed the right way. Generally, you can reuse the Mylar bags from time to time, butlearning the right method of sealing is important to accomplish this.

The small-sized 1-gallon bags provided by Wallaby can be sealed with a zipper. The zipper provided on top of the pouch can effectively seal the contents for short-term storage. Alternatively, you can use the heat seal method to ensure the complete sealing of the package. Mylar bags are available in a variety of sizes that you can find on the Wallaby online store.

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