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It’s no secret that you always want to keep your used Kia engine at peak performance and best condition. Your Kia engine deserves continuous and quality care to work efficiently. From oil changes to air filter cleansing, here are a few used car engine care tips that’ll help you do just that.


5 Things to Do for Better Engine Maintenance


Use Proper Fuel


Kia recommends using only good quality gasoline in the engine for the best performance. The gasoline treated with detergent additives such as TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is considered the best. It helps prevent debris deposits in the engine. As a result, the engine runs cleaner with better performance along with the Emission Control System.


Operate Your Kia Engine as Economically as Possible


When it comes to fuel economy, how you drive your vehicle is as much responsible as the fuel efficiency of the engine. So, consider the following driving suggestions to drive your Kia engine as economically as possible.

  • Don’t run the engine idle longer than necessary.
  • Turn off your engine when you’re waiting and restart only when you’re ready to go.
  • Driving at a higher speed consumes more fuel than urban motoring. So, keep the speed of your engine in check for the best engine coolant and engine oil usage.


Use Recommended Lubricants and Additives 


Every automaker recommends a specific grade of lubricants that work the best with their engines. Similarly, to enhance the lifespan of your used Kia engine under warranty, you should only use the recommended grade of lubricants and fuel additives. The correct choice of lubricants promotes engine efficiency and improves fuel economy.


Air filter maintenance


A less recognized factor of engine maintenance is air filter maintenance. So, make sure that you have a functioning air filter in the engine before driving off. Also, avoid driving with the air cleaner removed as it causes excessive engine wear. If the filter seems more than 50% blocked, you should consider replacing it.


Water Washing the Engine


Engine block cleaning is not as straightforward as cleaning the rest of the car. Water washing using high-pressure water is how people clean the engine. Only a few know that it may cause the failure of electrical circuits located in the engine compartment. So, ensure that water or other liquids don’t come in contact with electrical/electronic components inside the vehicle as this may damage them.




Engine maintenance is the responsibility of every vehicle owner whether you’re driving a new or used Kia engine. Through these easy-to-follow engine care tips, you can make sure that your used engine lasts long and maintain its efficiency.  



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