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Useful floor design ideas to make your home feel warm and comfortable.

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When you go to someone's house and have a swing on their front porch, it puts you at ease. You can tell that not only is this person-friendly, but they are going to be approachable and easy to get along with. These 8 thoughtful touches can help make your home feel safe and inviting for family, friends or guests alike:

1. Sway on a Porch Swing

If you've come across a branch that hasn't been pruned back enough, it could be easy to forget that it was ever part of the tree. However, you can use this portion of the trunk to make something beautiful – like a swing! Hang your porch swing from one of these branches and prop wooden logs beneath it for a rocking chair that ties woodsy into your landscape design.

2. Add a Neighborly Front-Yard Feature

Hanging out in the front yard is a great way to meet your neighbours. But if your yard is, like most, lacking in comfortable seating options, make your front just as appealing as the back by adding (a) pair of Adirondack chairs, (one or two) picnic tables, or even an outdoor fire pit. When surrounded by lush plantings, your front-yard hangout can feel both welcoming and private enough.

3. Strike a Warm Note at the Threshold

Consider the entryway as a space where you can create an inviting and welcoming environment for your visitors and guests to start their visit. To set the right tone, make sure the area is well-lit, with open sightlines, plus add personal touches that reflect your decorating style or taste. You might even consider building or converting an adjoining room (commonly called “mud rooms”) into this space.

4. Put Family Photos on Display

What you choose to put on your walls (as well as other decors in your home, for that matter) tells a story about who you are and what's important to you. So while artwork you love does have its place, it's the family photos and kid-made art that gives your home a personal touch.

5.Warm Up Your Kitchen

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6. Channel Cozy Bed-and-Breakfast Style

It's so easy to let clutter collect in the bedroom: a pile of books here, a basket of laundry there, and pretty soon, it's a mess. Reclaim your bedroom as a peaceful, cosy space to recharge in by channelling the look and feel of a charming bed-and-breakfast. Remove the clutter, make the bed with fresh linens, hang an art print on the wall, launder the curtains and open the window to freshen the air.

If you're looking to do more than clean and declutter, consider repainting a calming or cosy hue in your bedroom. Then treat yourself to a few little bedside luxuries, like a water carafe, good-smelling candle and bud vase.

7. Invest in Cushy Couches

In the living room, comfort is king! Consider a big, comfy sectional if you have the space—these modular pieces can seat a crowd and instantly make a space look more inviting. Or pair a sofa of any style with an upholstered ottoman that invites relaxing and puts your feet up while allowing you to catch some comfortable when you need them. No matter the size of your space or budget, opting for the most comfortable couch you can afford is wise.

8. Choose Materials That Improve With Age

Natural materials such as leather and solid wood are generally meant to last. On a practical note, imperfections like scratches on furniture made out of these materials give character to furnishings and make guests feel at ease. Practically speaking, this is because they can relax while sitting or holding something without worrying if their movements might result in damage. These realistic fine details add warmth to your home and enable you to create a relaxed environment when hosting or entertaining guests. The only problem with using such durable materials is that they come at a higher price than other regular furnishings.


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